The Concerns

Smile lines

Smile lines, with their many names—nasolabial folds, laugh lines, parentheses lines—are those, often deep, wrinkles that run from the sides of your nose down to the corners of your mouth.  These lines appear naturally when you smile or laugh, and can even be seen on smiling children, but with age they become a permanent, visible facial feature regardless of expression.

Straight-faced smile lines are the result of the loss of skin elasticity and facial volume, and are often one of the first indications of premature aging; they can appear as early as the mid-20’s, or sometimes earlier. Another contributing factor of smile lines is the loss of fat in the upper part of the cheek area. As we age, the fat’s attachment to the underlying cheekbone loosens and weakens, and as a result, the fat drops, causing the smile lines to appear more prominent.

While smiling often may make these lines appear faster, not smiling is not an effective way to prevent them.  So smile often, and take advantage of the many treatments available that can help make these lines disappear.

Treatments for Smile lines

  • Juvederm Ultra™

    Juvederm Ultra is one of the most popular dermal fillers used to treat medium-depth wrinkles, depressed folds, sunken scars, and thin lips.

  • Juvederm Voluma XC™

    This volumizing dermal filler plumps cheeks, cheekbones, and the chin area. Many love it because it is easily reversible.

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus®

    Juvederm Ultra Plus is one of the thickest dermal fillers, injected into the deeper layers of the skin to treat severe wrinkles and deep folds.

  • Perlane®

    This thick, hyaluronic acid based dermal filler is injected deep into the skin to treat severe lines, folds, and depressions.

  • Radiesse®

    This calcium-based volumizing dermal filler plumps sunken cheeks, deep wrinkles, and folds. Results are instant, but treatment is irreversible.

  • Sculptra®

    This poly-L-lactic acid based volumizing dermal filler has the best pan-facial lifting effects. This means it adds volume over an area, not one spot.

  • Belotero®

    This "starter filler" is one of the thinnest dermal fillers, ideal for reducing fine lines around the lips, corners of the mouth, and marionette lines.

  • Fraxel ®

    Fraxel makes several fractional resurfacing lasers that treat a spectrum of concerns, from general skin rejuvenation to deep wrinkles and scars.

  • Palomar Icon ®

    This multi-tasker has a fractional laser and IPL to offer a variety of treatments, from photorejuvenation to wrinkle and spot reduction.