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Contributions By: Marnie B. Nussbaum-Brown, MD

The Best Summer Hats for 2017 - curated by Actress Stephanie Fantauzzi
Sun Care

First-Class Summer Hats: 2017 Edition

The best reason to rock a summer hat? Not for fashion of course, but in the name of wrinkle prevention.¬†And while a¬†good scarf and chunky shades¬†are a good start, these won’t be enough to combat the 50 shades of sun this summer¬†promises.¬† Read more

Psoriasis Symptoms + Cures
Expert Q/A

Psoriasis: The Newest Symptoms & Treatments

Wondering if your itchy skin is just a regular flare-up or a sign of a more serious problem? We sat down with Charlotte’s Book Premier Provider Dr. Read more