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Contributions By: Holli Thompson

My Vacation Rules - How To be Healthy When You Travel
Nutrition + Diet

How To Stay Healthy When You Travel, According To A Health Coach

I just got back from vacation. I ate what I wanted to, when I wanted to. Gluten, dairy, sweets. Not all day, every day, but my nutritional style sorta went out the window. Read more

How To Prolong Your Summer Glow

Summer’s Not Over Yet: How To Prolong That Glow All Year Long

Let’s face it: some seasons just look better than others. Sun-kissed skin, dewy and fresh—that’s not a winter phenomenon. Even unruly hair air dries best in warmer months, revealing natural, bouncy texture, while winter is infamous for dry, split strands. Read more

How To Make A Dry Tea Smoothie With LOV Organic
In The Kitchen

The Tea Goes Inside Your Smoothie…How To Make A LØV Organic Tea Smoothie

Knowing the many health benefits of drinking tea—such as boosting metabolism, aiding digestion, preventing cancer, repairing cells, fending off viruses and lowering cholesterol—don’t you want to drink it all day long? Read more

Nutrition + Diet

Seasonal Superfoods: Eat For Spring

The transition from winter to spring is intoxicating: flowers are popping up in the park and everything feels fresh and new. What about you?

Now’s the time to switch to spring superfoods—a seasonal, natural detox that your ancestors followed for centuries. Read more

In The Kitchen

Get Glowing With This Skinny Grapefruit + Green Smoothie

I get asked all the time, “how do you get your glowing skin?” My response is always, eat your greens. In this case, you should drink your greens! Read more

5 Questions For Holistic Health Coach Holli Thompson

5 Questions For Holistic Health Coach Holli Thompson

We caught up with one of our favorite CB experts, Holli Thompson, for the download on how to cleanse and eat and live like the nutrition lifestyle boss that she is. Read more

Agave? Honey? Stevia? Decoding Natural Sugars
Nutrition + Diet

Decoding Natural Sugars

If it tastes good, it should be good for you—just because something’s sweet doesn’t mean it needs to be off limits! Even if you’re an agave guru, Charlotte’s Book expert Health Coach Holli Thompson has some sweet surprises in this list of five natural sugars.  Read more

Not sure about beans? Holli Thompson will change your mind
Nutrition + Diet

Try These 5 Delicious Beans

Beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, and contain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. They’re also high in fiber, and help cleanse your colon as you digest them. Read more

Charlotte's Fall Reading List

Charlotte’s Comprehensive Fall Reading List

After a summer filled with lazy days on the beach and chilled glasses of rosĂ©, it’s time to hit the books. Without a doubt, fall has arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with a good book? Read more

Nutrition + Diet

Your Healthiest Weekend in Paris (According To A Chanel VP Turned Health Coach)

When my friend Charlotte told me she had a girl’s trip to Paris coming up, but was concerned about putting on the pounds, I offered to share this guide to maintaining your nutritional style while visiting the city of lights. Read more

Natural + Holistic

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Tea? Yes, Tea!

There’s nothing more effective in maintaining the long-term health and appearance of skin than a proven anti-aging daily regime. We abide by a step-by-step system that takes just a few minutes, but begins and ends every day with gorgeous skin: Read more

Charlotte's Book nutritionists and wellness experts weigh in on the healthiest chocolate bars out there. Indulge guilt-free!
In The Kitchen

Take A Bite: Our 7 Favorite Healthy Chocolate Bars

Goji berries, maca and reishi, oh my! The bar has definitely been raised for healthy chocolate. The newest heart-loving indulgences combine dark chocolate with superfoods, herbal extracts and other mind/body-boosting ingredients using artisanal precision. Read more