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Dr. Haideh Hirmand's 7 Pre-Procedure Ground Rules

Advice From A Surgeon — 7 Ground Rules Before You Lift Or Fill


August 10, 2016

Here’s the honest truth: everyone is different, and every doctor is different, so it’s completely possible to get different—even opposing—viewpoints from equally qualified doctors about whatever procedure you’re interested in.

So, how best to proceed? Are there any ground rules you should follow when choosing a procedure or asking for a doctor’s opinion?

Renowned plastic surgeon and Charlotte’s Book Premier Provider Dr. Haideh Hirmand gives some sound advice to those of us traversing the border between lifting, filling, and everything in between.

Here are her seven pieces of pre-procedure advice, from how many doctors you should see to what you should do if their ego seems too big for the room.

7 Surgeon-Approved Pre-Procedure Tips

1. See more than one doctor—and preferably two or three (we think the doctors in Charlotte’s Book are the best; that’s why we list them).

2. Make sure that the doctors you consult are experienced in both surgery and new technologies, and that they are honest enough to admit what they can and cannot do.

3. If anyone tells you they developed or invented a technique, ask to see the scientific paper they published on it. Is it peer-reviewed and Medline referenced?

4. If a doctor tells you that any one technique (especially one they developed) is better than another one for the same purpose, ask why and ask for some proof.

5. Common sense is common sense. If what is being proposed doesn’t make sense to you or is at odds with your vision, don’t do it.

6. If you feel pressured, worry.

7. If the doctor’s ego is so big that there’s no room for yours, worry.


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