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Makeup artist Tricia Sawyer revealed Robin Wright's skincare regimen that made her glow for the 2014 Emmys.

We Know What Makes Robin Wright’s Skin Glow


August 26, 2014

Anything Robin Wright uses on her skin, we want to know about. So when makeup artist Tricia Sawyer told us which products she used on Robin Wright’s skin for the Emmys, we were just as glued as when we watch the steely Claire Underwood on House of Cards. Spoiler alert: Wright is not a big fan of makeup and is all about skincare. Here’s exactly what Sawyer told us:

“Robin is wearing a custom-made Ralph Lauren gown tonight that has a 40’s feel with a 70’s flair, so we kept her look along that vein.  She doesn’t like to wear a lot of makeup, so the focus was really on the skin.  Prepping her skin and giving it a healthy glow was hugely important. I began by applying Orlane Super-Moisturizing Light Cream to her skin with a sponge and pressing it into her skin, concentrating a lot under the eyes.  Then I went back with the Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Care Eye Contour and applied that under her eyes as well.  Your skin gets so stressed out going through these events that keeping it really moisturized is key to having the makeup last all night.  With that said, it can’t be too oily or greasy; these two products have a very wearable, lovely consistency that work well with having makeup applied over them.

For her foundation, we went very light with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Concealer.  Then I powdered her face with Orlane Transparent Loose Powder using a brush and concentrating on the T-Zone. I really like this powder in particular because it’s so finely milled so it doesn’t give a powdery effect. It just takes the shine away which is perfect for the red carpet.

Next, I used Orlane Bronzer to contour her face with a small angled blush brush, running it along her jawline and the hollows of her cheeks.  Then I dusted Chanel blush in Rose Bronze and In Love on her cheekbones. To really make her eyes pop, I used Mac eyeliner in Power Surge and then Orlane Volume Care Mascara.  I applied one coat of mascara, and then individual lashes, and then went back with another coat of mascara.  This mascara is great because it doesn’t flake at all which is super important.”

Get The Look: Orlane Super-Moisturizing Light Cream, $165Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Care Eye Contour, $125Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, $89, Chanel Smoothing and Regenerating Eye Contour Conealer, $46, Orlane Transparent Loose Powder, $40, Orlane Bronzing Pressed Powder, $50, Chanel Blush in Rose Bronze and In Love, $45 each, Mac Eye Kohl in Powersurge, $16Orlane Volume Care Mascara, $40.

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