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Sun Care

Expert Tips For Treating Sunburnt Skin


August 15, 2015

We’re about to hit the height of summer vacation: electricity use in Manhattan plummets, out-of-office replies soar from sky scraper to sky scraper, and well-intentioned vacationers absent-mindedly apply a thin coat of sunscreen before falling asleep in the sun. Not you, never you, you’re always wearing SPF 50 plus the hat and scarf to match?

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Good work. The rest of us will follow Charlotte’s Book Premiere Provider Dr. Elizabeth Hale‘s advice for taking care of the inevitable, painful, vacation-nightmare sunburn.

The solution to this wrinkle-inducing wrath is a three-phase process:

Phase 1: Pop an aspirin or anti-inflammatory STAT and apply a cold compress soaked in whole milk. Dr. Hale says the fat and proteins in the milk soothe irritation.

Phase 2: Generously and obsessively moisturize the area with creams containing antioxidants like vitamins C and E and green tea. This will help the skin recover more quickly from the trauma and counteract UV damage.

Phase 3: Tone down inflammation and promote wound healing by seeking a trusted skincare expert to treat the area with LED light therapy, which is safe enough to be performed the moment you see sunburned skin, but also effective in eliminating damage after the burn has subsided. And once fully healed, reverse the damage with a resurfacing laser treatment such as Clear + Brilliant.

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Note that you should avoid using anti-aging creams with retinol or alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids while healing a sunburn. Dr. Hale warns they are too harsh for recently damaged skin. To read more, check out the article on Vogue. 

Experts, Concerns and Treatments Mentioned In This Feature:

Dr. Elizabeth Hale, MD, Charlotte’s Book Premier Provider, board-certified Cosmetic Dermatologist

Skin Cancer Prevention

Clear + Brilliant
LED light therapy

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