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5 Questions For Holistic Health Coach Holli Thompson

5 Questions For Holistic Health Coach Holli Thompson


February 1, 2016

We caught up with one of our favorite CB experts, Holli Thompson, for the download on how to cleanse and eat and live like the nutrition lifestyle boss that she is.

Author of the award-winning book, Discover Your Nutritional Style, Your Seasonal Plan for a Healthy, Happy, and Delicious Life, Holli is also the creator of one of our new favorite things, the Nutritional Style online workshop.

Below, Holli reveals her secret scent, why she prefers walking to Ubering, and the recipe for liquid luxury.

1. You’re on the road constantly: what’s in your handbag?

Without fail, I carry the following:

  • Love Potion by Tata Harper: I tend to keep this product as my little known secret, but I’ll share since I love Charlotte’s Book! The scent is incredible—light and lovely all at once.
  • Digestive enzymes: I rotate between a few brands, but never dine out without these.
  • My new iPhone 6+: Yes, it’s large but so elegant, I’m in love with it. And the photos are amazing.
  • Sustain protein packets by CB Expert Dr. Frank Lipman: This keeps my energy levels and metabolism high, and ensures my blood sugar stays low. My days can be long and I like to practice what I preach, staying hydrated and nourished no matter what.
  • My favorite sunglasses: Lately I rotate between Ray Ban aviators and a more classic pair from my old friends at Chanel.
  • Lastly, five different lipsticks or glosses! Favorite brands are Juice Beauty, Tata Harper, and Fresh. Oh, and Chanel, of course.

2. We’re both big fans of bone broth. What else do you use to keep gut (and brain!) health in top form?

I’ve rediscovered matcha green tea, which boosts immunity and is easy for most everyone to digest and readily absorb. It energizes me and calms my nervous system at the same time. Most people obsess about calories to such an extent it creates a steady underlying state of stress—or really distress—on their bodies. Making sure I stay nourished with clean, whole foods and select superfoods for macronutrients keeps any belly distress, and bloat, at bay.

3. I know walking at your farm and on New York streets keeps you fit, but what else do you rely on to stay looking so fabulous?

I find walking instead of driving or Ubering helps clear my head and keep my mindset positive. We can get so caught up in the chaos of our surroundings if we aren’t careful. Constant movement helps combat that, and the added circulatory boost keeps endorphin production at a high. I have rows of sneakers (loving my Adidas superstars currently!) and a few select low heeled boots that keep me moving… fast.

I also get to Barre class whenever I can. I adore the strengthening and lengthening that happens. I know I was a ballerina in another life.

4. What’s the best way to keep immunity high during seasonal changes?

Other than staying hydrated (drink more water!), I put a premium on natural sources of Vitamin C and alkalizing foods. Greens are the obvious choice, but our bodies need variety and we want it to always involve pleasure. I talk a lot about the difference between deprivation and responsible nourishment in my book, and I go even deeper in my new online workshop.

Here’s a great recipe to combat the seasonal bug—it’s liquid gold for me: cleansing, hydrating and revitalizing all at once. It will keep you satisfied and leave you feeling sensuous, a throwback to a day at the spa or time in the tropics. The matcha lifts your mood and the bee pollen is instantly alkalizing for your cells, giving you similar benefits to wheatgrass without the aftertaste. It’s perfect on cloudy winter days or when you need a little extra self love.

5. We all know at least one impossibly chic, flawless-faced woman who makes it look effortless—we call her Charlotte. Who’s your Charlotte?

Charlize Theron!


1 – 1 ½ cups unpasteurized coconut water or unsweetened milk of choice
1-2 cups fresh or frozen organic pineapple (or mix of both for added creaminess)
1 teaspoon matcha powder
1 teaspoon alcohol free vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder of choice
1 packet BeWell Cleanse or Sustain smoothie packet (optional)


Blend until creamy. Top with 1 teaspoon of bee pollen and garnish with a sliver of organic strawberry.


Try This Chia-Powered Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe Right Now


Holli Thompson is a certified holistic health coach. 
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