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Plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir uses Google Glass while operating on patients.
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Google Glasses In The Operating Room


April 15, 2014

Google Glasses are one of those defining technological advances that makes you realize the future is now. As if we weren’t already impressed by the routine tasks that these high-tech specs can help you with when your hands are otherwise occupied, such as getting directions while driving, tracking a workout while running or reading a recipe while cooking, here’s a new, and way more extraordinary, use. The New York Post featured this article on Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir who uses his Google Glasses to record surgeries and consultations and to access medical records, hands-free, in the operating room. Kassir wears the $1,500 futuristic frames to snap photos with a blink—literally—and to live-stream surgeries for medical students. Read the full story for more mind-blowing details. Enjoy.

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