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New York Times: An At-Home LED Light Therapy That Works?


September 26, 2014

With all of the new at-home skin machines that promise to deliver professional results but do no such thing, it’s no wonder we are all a bit skeptical when it comes the next big thing for home use. But in this situation, we are happy if our skepticism fails us.  The IlluMask is an at-home LED device that may actually work according to this New York Times article.

Featured in the article is a ‘self-described skeptic of beauty products’ who gives the IlluMask a 2-month trial run and finds, to her surprise, it made noticeable improvement to her skin: “The biggest immediate difference was that the tone of my skin got so much better…The marks are not totally gone, but before the mask, I never would have felt comfortable going out without foundation on. Now it’s like there’s a subtle airbrushing on my face.”

The IlluMask costs a mere $30 and can be purchased at stores like Target and Walmart, so how can it possibly compare to the more expensive ones?  It is explained that the device is designed with weaker lights and is to be used over a short period of time (up to 30 days of 15-minute treatments) and then discarded.

But the news isn’t all promising. The doctors interviewed on the matter say that the results are “minimal” and that LED can trigger migraines or seizures for those prone, so best to use serious caution with such a device, or better yet leave it to the pros.

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Photo: Credit Tony Cenicola for The New York Times

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