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Spotlight on Jillian Wright & The Apothecary Facial Mask Bar
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Jillian Wright & The Apothecary Bar


November 20, 2014

Nestled in a townhouse on the Upper East Side, the Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa has long been a destination for lovers for quality, customized skincare. This fall, Jillian has enhanced the personalization of her treatments with the addition of an innovative Apothecary Facial Mask Bar where she whips up one-of-a-kind formulas to address a client’s skin concerns du jour.

The new Apothecary Bar offers a selection of three clay bases—Kaolin (best for dry skin), Rassoul (good for all skin types), and Coso Mountain (ideal for oily skin), plus an extensive menu of raw, chemical-free, non-GMO and gluten-free actives. Spirulina, kate, acai berry, green tea, oatmeal, honey, cucumber, coffee, aloe rosehip, mangosteen, blueberry, seaweed—you name it, she’s got it.

Jillian Wright Apothecary Facial Mask Bar

Don’t know where to begin? Then trust Jillian’s signature recipes that they’ll whip up for you. These original concoctions include favorites like “The Liberator” Acne Mask, “The Masker Tasker” Anti-Aging Mask, and “The Pink Mask,”  which she created for  Breast Cancer Awareness month—she donated all proceeds to go towards research.

Currently, the Apothecary Facial Mask Bar boasts over 19 ingredients, but Jillian is always adding new, natural skin fixes to the list. If you’re lucky enough to have a facial at the skin clinic, you’ll be able to take home any leftovers from the mask they’ll create for your treatment. Just stash it in your fridge and it’ll stay fresh for several days. Can’t get there? The personalized, hand-mixed masks, $40 for 2 oz. or complimentary with facials, are also available on

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