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Our Favorite Luxe Holiday Skincare Gifts


December 16, 2014

While carefully curating the list of presents for your loved ones (and please don’t forget yourself), consider these holiday skincare indulgences. Is there anything more loving than the gift of glowing skin? Exactly. Here’s what’s worth the splurge:

La Prairie Eternal Platinum Holiday Set

This limited edition set offers La Prairie lovers a rare opportunity to acquire sampling of products from the brand’s coveted Platinum anti-aging line, which help to transform the texture of skin, impart a radiant glow, and boost skin’s vitality all with the power of precious platinum. The set includes: the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare (1 oz.), the Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare (1.0 oz.), Cellular Serum Platinum Rare (.68 oz) and Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare Price (.5 oz). Price: $1,700 for the set.

La Prairie Eternal Platinum Holiday Set

Georgia Louise Deluxe Facial

Sending a loved one off to a deluxe facial not only gives them the gift of “me” time, but will help her face the new year aglow. Charlotte’s Book Premier Provider Georgia Louise’s signature, deluxe facial is a favorite among celebrities, including the incomparable Linda Evangelista…need we say more? These facials go beyond pampering, transforming your face with techniques that instantly awaken and rejuvenate skin, including ultrasound pore cleansing, anti-aging LED, micro-current therapy, facial acupuncture, and her signature Rose Quartz Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone massage. Price: $550.

Violet Grey Nude Scene Prep Set

The name says it all. Violet Grey tempts you to prepare for the night’s endless possibilities with this thoughtfully prepared set of luxury products contained in a conveniently sized, discrete makeup bag. From an exfoliator to occasion-specific moisturizers and lip products, Violet Grey has thought of everything to keep you effortlessly touchable and kissable all night, and morning, long. Along with an instructional how-to guide, the set includes: La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator (6.8 oz), Rodin Luxury Body Oil (4 oz), Serge Lutzens Water Lip Color in Chardon, St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion (6.7 oz), St. Tropez Application Mitt for Body, and Olas Marine Bio Active Mouthrinse (3 oz). Price: $340.

Violet Grey Nude Scene Prep Set

Artis ‘Elite Mirror 5’ Brush Set

Why spend money on cosmetics when you don’t have the proper tools to apply them? This set of Artis brushes, made from the brand’s signature CosmeFibre filaments, are specifically designed to complement facial contours and evenly distribute creams, powders and liquid formulas. The set includes five brushes to address every aspect of a flawless face: the Oval 6, Oval 4, Oval 3, Linear 1 and Circle 1. Price: $135

Artis Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set


Diptyque Tubereuse Large Indoor & Outdoor Candle

Even the most expensive skincare treatments can’t hold a candle to good old-fashioned rest and relaxation. Perfect to complement a warm soak in the tub or early evening lounging, this large edition classic candle comes in hand-crafted, Virebent earthenware from the south of France. The scent pairs the natural, botanical scent of night-blooming tubereuse with sensual scents for a spicy-sweet, dusky aroma, perfect for unwinding indoors and out. Price: $290.

Diptyque Tubereuse and Foreo Luna

Luna Foreo Cleansing Brush

This little device just might be the best buy of the season. The exfoliating, silicone brush presents a convenient alternative to at home versions of microdermabrasion, easy to use and appropriate for sensitive skin. It admits two levels of pulsations to achieve deep and gentle cleansing and also reduces the signs of aging, without damaging skin. This deceptively simple cleanser packs a serious punch, unclogging pores and removing residue, prepping skin to reabsorb the products that you have so carefully selected for your daily regime. Price: $199.

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