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No Makeup Celeb Selfies? It’s All About Having Great Skin


September 29, 2014

At Charlotte’s Book, we love make-up…but you know what we love even more? Looking fabulous without it! And with all of the fantastic doctors and marvelous noninvasive treatments out there, it is now entirely possible to confidently leave the house looking fresh-faced and radiant.  Just look at the gorgeous no makeup celeb selfies featured in this InStyle slideshow.

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This fresh-faced, morning-dew look they are all sharing with us is beyond inspiring.  And yes, there are some tricky Instagram filters and neutral make-up applications going on here…but they can only slightly attribute to the flawlessness depicted.  So, how can we achieve this look in real life?  Well, depending on your skin type regular microdermabrasion and periodic light/laser resurfacing treatments, like Clear + Brilliant, can make a huge impact on your canvas.  But the ultimate weapon is finding a trusted skincare expert who can evaluate your skin and put you on the straight path to sheer makeuplessness.

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