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New York Magazine introduces readers to the facekini.

The Cut: The Facekini?


December 2, 2014

Summer may seem like a distant memory, but winter weather escapes are just around the corner. Leaving the city behind for a much needed beach vacation means a return to sunshine and all of the potential damage that comes with that mid-winter glow. So, now is the time to start shopping around for the latest and greatest in sun protection, particularly for that beautifully preserved face of yours.

In our Counter Intelligence post on The Best Sunscreens for Your Every Need, we introduced you to the perfect sunscreens for blocking out summer’s relentless, harmful rays. But, as we enter the season of resort wear, a new kind of sunscreen has come to our attention, and it’s taking sun protection to the next level. Introducing a bold solution to aging for the adventurous sun worshippers among you: the facekini.

While perusing around NYMag’s The Cut, we came across this brief, yet impactful, introduction to China’s hottest, sun protecting trend. This amusing looking, yet ingenious, wearable contraption could be the most bullet-proof way of keeping your face clear from harmful UV rays. So, before snickering at this burglarious accessory, keep in mind that the dolphinesque wearers of the facekini may be the ones having the last, wrinkle-free laugh.

Unfortunately, this masterpiece of an invention is yet to be unmasked in the stateside…but we promise to keep you posted.

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PHOTO: The Cut

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