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Sun Care

Dr. Julie Russak & The MelaFind


September 16, 2014

We can all feel the weather starting to cool down, and that back-to-school feeling is in the air. But summer isn’t quite over yet and neither is that bronzed glow we’ve gradually amassed alongside memories of rosé infused sunsets. Alas, it’ll all be over soon, and any damage from too much rosé will wear away gracefully…but the damage caused by the sun’s havoc can linger way past summer’s end, causing unseen and potentially harmful risks to your skin in the form of melanoma or even skin cancer.

Watch: Sun Damage Video Reveals The Very Real Risks Of Sun Damage 

So, as part of a new end-of-summer ritual, the smart thing to do is get a once-over mole check from a board-certified dermatologist to make sure all of those leisurely days in the sun didn’t create any causes for alarm. Don’t know exactly where to turn? That’s why we are putting the spotlight on Premier Provider, Dr. Julie Russak, who is a leading expert in skin cancer screening, detection, and treatment. She is one of the few doctors in New York City who specializes in MelaFind, the new non-invasive device that can identify melanoma in its most curable stages. It uses 10 different wavelengths of light to analyze beneath the surface of the skin and obtain hidden data from a mole as deep as 2.5mm.

It will feel great to enter autumn with peace of mind as you sip your one last glass of rosé before it becomes too unseasonable.

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