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Nutritionist Jennifer Hanway recommends healthy drinks to sip on this summer.
In The Kitchen

Frosé All Day? Sip On These Healthier Summer Drinks Instead

Frosé all day? It’s a “no way” from me, unfortunately. While this summer’s most Instagrammable beverage is certainly delicious, its high sugar content (even before adding extra sugar, which most recipes do) and the fact it’s unlikely to be organic makes it a bad choice for the health-conscious among us. But all is not lost! Read more

Healthy Pickled Italian Cocktail Recipe
In The Kitchen

A Healthy Pickled Italian Cocktail Recipe To Kickstart Summer

Temperatures are heating up, and there’s no better way to kickstart summer than with a revitalizing cocktail that’s healthy to boot. This recipe calls for kombucha, which has several known health benefits including detoxification, immune support, improved digestion, and even weight loss. Read more

What It's Like To Give Up Drinking In New York City

A Different Kind Of Happy Hour: What It’s Like To Give Up Drinking In New York City

Happy hours, boozy brunches, girls’ nights out (or in)…what do they all have in common? Drinking. Whether we like to admit it or not, so much of our social lives revolve around alcohol. Read more

Rose Tequila Makes A Perfect Margarita
In The Kitchen

It Exists, And Yes, Rosé Tequila Makes The Perfect Margarita

Good news travels fast, and news about rosé tequila travels even faster.

Is it an overstatement to say our dreams came true when we read about this gorgeous concoction in New Beauty? Read more

Healthy Summer Cocktails
In The Kitchen

The Detoxifying, Hydrating Charlotte’s Book Summer Cocktail

Can a cocktail detox, hydrate, and promote digestion on top of getting you to that perfect post-work plateau of buzzing relaxation?

We think so. Read more

Get the best wine, avoid the hangover.
In The Kitchen

Drink The Right Rosé And Avoid A Terrible Hangover

It’s rosé season. And just like GQ says, we’ve “gotten past the awful ‘brosé’ trend pieces and pink wine no longer tastes like melted down Jolly Ranchers blitzed with half a cup of sugar.” Read more

10 Ways To Prevent Hangovers Naturally

10 Really Easy And Effective Things You Can Do To Naturally Prevent Hangovers

We know, you’ve probably read a million different hangover articles this time of year. But seriously, a hangover can ruin your entire day. But, this time of year, who has time to languish in post-party discomfort? Read more

Nutrition + Diet

How To Stop Your Hangover Before It Starts

Sometimes the best medicine is preventive—according to our CB verified experts, there are some excellent ways to avoid that brutal holiday season hangover.Sometimes a New Year’s Day hangover is inevitable—but what can you do before you start drinking to prevent (or make slightly less terrible) the next-day woes? Read more

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