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What's The Deal With Earlobe Rejuvenation?

Earlobe Rejuvenation? The Lobe Lift Is A Thing

Whether from an accident, aging, or wearing too much bling, I’m seeing more and more women come into my office complaining about torn, deflated, or sagging earlobes. Read more

La Prairie Winter Skincare For Eyes And Lips

Winter Must-Have: Portable Anti-Wrinkle Perfectors

When the temperature drops, one’s obsession with lip moisturizers kicks into high gear. Who doesn’t have several lip balms rustling in the bottom of their bag? Read more

In The Kitchen

All You’ll Want For Christmas Is This Anti-Aging Chocolate

Your fridge is stocked with super foods, your bone broth is simmering on the stove, and you read all the latest health tips from Charlotte’s Book—all with the quest for a healthier you, and younger looking skin. Read more

The Anti-Aging Cacay Nut

Into The Jungle: 3 Anti-Aging Cacay Nut Oils We Love

Argan and Marula oils made a splash; Charlotte’s Book recently covered the incredible Moringa oil. Is there room on stage for a new star? Read more

The Best Anti-Aging and Skincare Secrets From Bond Girls

Bond Girl Skincare And Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed


For 53 years and counting, movie-goers have adored James Bond and every iteration of his muscly, action fury-glory.

And yes, blame it on his charm, chivalry, impeccable taste and a knack for getting out of impossible traps—it’s no surprise this franchise has grossed close to $6 billion worldwide with a total of 23 films. Read more

From lighting to cell phones, these modern agers are all around you.

Why Texting = Wrinkles: All About Modern Agers

You’re painfully familiar with the usual wrinkle-causing, age-revealing suspects like sun exposure, sugar-laden diets, and stress. But these days, a whole new slew of technology-related agers are threatening our youth. Read more

LED Light: Good Enough For NASA, Great For Your Anti-Aging Routine

LED Light: Good Enough For NASA, Great For Your Anti-Aging Routine

It doesn’t pinch, prick, scrub, freeze, or even burn: it’s just light.

LED treatments—whether full-body beds at the salon or powerful handheld devices for at-home treatments—are the unsung heroes of non-invasive skincare. Read more

The Newest Innovations in Aesthetic Dermatology

Innovative New Treatments Available in Aesthetic Dermatology Right Now

When you’re invited to sit in a lovely room for an hour to listen to five top dermatologists discuss treatment trends, you know you’re going to hear a thing or two about innovation. Read more


This Is The Only Pillow You Should Use On A Plane (Or Ever) + 8 More Tips For Staying Pretty At 10,000 Feet

Jamie Sherrill, RN, celebrity skincare guru and Charlotte’s Book expert, is busy prepping Iggy Azalea for her wedding. In addition to Iggy, she works with a long list of celebrity clients, runs the Jamie Sherrill Beauty Park Medical Spas in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, and has young triplets. Read more

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