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What's the average age for a facelift?

Am I Too Young For A Facelift?

To find out today’s average age of a facelift candidate, we went straight to New York City plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, MD, who is known for her “less-is-more” Read more

How can you tell if the ph of your skin is off balance?
Expert Q/A

Is There An Easy Way To Tell If The pH Of My Skin Is Off Balance?

The delicate systems of your body are affected by your hormones, your diet, and so much moreā€”and all that affects the acid mantle on theĀ outsideĀ of your skin, which, when altered, can cause inflammation and breakouts. Read more

Nutrition + Diet

Does Drinking Vinegar To Lose Weight Actually Work?

Apple cider vinegar and its million suggested usesā€”from cleaning your countertop to balancing your skin’s pH to making your hair shinyā€”have the feeling of urban legend. Read more

The Most Popular Skincare and Beauty Questions Of 2016

You Asked, We Told: The Most Popular Questions Of 2016

We love our reader questions and we love helping you! When a reader question comes in, we direct it to one of our many talented CB experts and try to get an answer right away. Read more

Are cheat meals really allowed? A nutritionist answers.
Nutrition + Diet

Ask Charlotte: How Often Are Cheat Meals Really Allowed?

Chillier weather feelsĀ sort of feels cozy (tea please), but it also feels like eating all the things at once. All the pasta, all the bread, all the pizza, all theā€”you get it. Read more

glominerals gloRedness Relief Powder,
Expert Q/A

AskCharlotte: What Is The Best Makeup For Rosacea Cover-Ups?

Charlotte’s Book readers continue to write in with questions about Rosacea, and to answer everything from makeup to skincare to food trigger questions, we’ll reach out to our national directory of experts to help you. Read more

How to get rid of dark spots on legs, face, hands and skin: lasers VS. peels

Lasers VS. Peels: What’s The Best Way To Zap Dark Spots?

Those little brown spots start appearing after every summer, and at first it’s a cute smattering of freckles. But after a few years, they start to take up permanent residency, and we just want to find out how to get rid of dark spots on legs, face, hands and skin in general. Read more

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