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Women's Health

Bring My Belly Back: What Happens To Your Stomach After A C-Section

We all know that pregnancy changes everything, especially our bodies. For too long, women have been told to expect that they’ll never look or feel the same again. Read more

The Motherhood Event - NYC
Women's Health

NYC Event Alert: The Motherhood Event

If you’re expecting or are a new mom, then you are (or will be) navigating the many changes your body goes through during and after childbirth. Read more

What are the best treatments for cellulite right now?

Updated: What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite, Right Now?

We are far into bathing suit season and cellulite seems to be on the mind of many CB readers. One reader reached out wondering how to decipher between the different cellulite treatments on the market—she’s tried creams and massages, and now she’s ready for something a little more serious. Read more

Sculpsure - How The Non-Invasive Body Contouring Device Really Works

A Painless, Laser-Based Fat Zapper — This Is How SculpSure Really Works

As always, the new year is the perfect time to focus on the new you: whatever you hope to change, 2017 can be a blank slate. Read more


All About Cellfina: The Cellulite Smoother

Nothing kills summer confidence more than those pesky little dimples: shorts, swimsuits, everything becomes a challenge. Cellfina promises to change that. By breaking down the fibrous bands at the heart of the problem, as opposed to just melting the nearby fat, results will still be apparent even two years later. Read more

Does exercising on an empty stomach burn more calories?

Does Exercising On An Empty Stomach Burn More Calories?

You might have read somewhere—or heard from a friend—that exercising in the morning, on an empty stomach, will burn more calories. But is it true? Read more


Scrub, Replenish, Glow: The Best Body Products For Right Now

There’s no excuse, especially when we’re seeing summer peek around the the corner: you can’t forget to care for your whole body. Sometimes that care can be longterm (see: Read more


Exfoliating: The Right (And Wrong) Ways To Do It

Exfoliation can be a wonderful treat for your skin. It removes the dead skin cells from the outer layer, leaving it feeling and looking radiant. Read more

6 Tips To Stop Sweat

Iontophoresis And 5 Other Sweat-Stopping Tips

Sweating happens, especially now, when we’re dealing with some serious summer heat. But sometimes sweating can get so bad it interferes with your day, and that’s not cool. Read more

When Spinning Isn't Enough: All About Ultrashape

UltraShape: When Spin Class Isn’t Enough

For how long have you wished that you could magically erase fat from your body? Technology is finally catching up with our dreams of obtaining a sleek silhouette, despite stubborn areas of extra fat that seem impossible to get rid of, no matter how many hot yoga, spin class, or Barry’s Bootcamp classes you endure. Read more

Cryotherapy Coolest Way To Destress

Hot? Try Cryotherapy: The Best Way To Cool Down, De-Stress, And Increase Metabolism

Yes, freezing yourself seems extreme. But the benefits of Cryotheraphy—a 2-3 minute full-body freeze in a chamber where nitrogen-iced air circulates at minus-200 degrees Fahrenheit—has purported benefits that range from stress relief to reduced inflammation, better sleep, improved skin tone, and increased metabolism. Read more

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