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The Archetype Diet By Dana James
Nutrition + Diet

Are You A Wonder Woman? A Femme Fatale? Dana James Says Your Archetype Is Influencing Your Eating Habits

A seemingly endless cycle of diets. Feeling guilty about last night’s pasta dinner. And the dessert that followed. Looking in the mirror and being upset at what you see.  Read more


Read This Now: The Books You Need For A Better 2018

New year, new you! Or at least, a better version of you. With the start of a new year comes another opportunity to focus on self-care and personal development, and now’s the time to equip yourself with the tools you need to make it your best year yet. Read more

We Review Bobbi Brown's Newest Book , Beauty From The Inside Out

Bobbi Brown’s New Book Is Full Of Confidence, Supplements, and So Much More: We Love It

Bobbi Brown requires no introduction. If I had to pick one “Charlotte,” Bobbi would be at the top of my list. She built a beauty empire that empowers women, and it all started with a lipstick. Read more

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