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Jennifer Lopez

Forever Young: The Real Cost Of Celebrity Skincare

Many of us marvel at celebrities’ apparent ability to defy age, and actually improve on their looks with every year. Celebs used to keep quiet about what they were doing to halt the march of time. Read more

The Weekly Charlotte's Book Roundup

What We’re Reading: Toxic Sunscreen, 10 Botox Facts, The Downside To Lip Fillers, And More…

You’re working, you’re moisturizing, you’re sleeping—you’re busy. We know. Don’t have time to scour the web for the best beauty, health, and wellness articles every week? Read more

What is costs to look like Jennifer Aniston

What Does It Really Cost To Look Like Jennifer Aniston?

Sure, it takes time and energy to look as good as Jennifer Aniston. The workouts, the diet, the meditation—but what about the hard-and-fast cost?

Using a pantheon of resources, E News recently pulled together an approximate budget for Jennifer’s yearly treatments. Read more

Xeomin: The "I Don't Use Botox" Filler Celebs Love

Xeomin: The “I Don’t Use Botox” Injectable Celebs Love

We’re used to seeing celebs with wrinkle-free faces—or tastefully, perfectly aged ones—but we’re also used to hearing “I don’t use Botox” or “I don’t use Botox, yet.” Read more

Drew Barrymore doesn't want fillers...yet... our take on her NYT interview

Drew Barrymore Loves AKT, Doesn’t Want Fillers Yet

In a personal conversation with Bee Shapiro of The New York Times, Drew Barrymore dished the dirt on her skincare routine and spoke about her reluctance to use fillers, at least right now. Read more

Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!

A Cardinal Sin: Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!

Any well-heeled woman knows the tremendous impact makeup can have on her looks. My mother aptly calls her makeup case the magic bag because, like most of us, she walks out of her bathroom looking practically unrecognizable from the fair lady who awoke just moments before. Read more

Are potatoes responsible for Olivia Munn's transformation? We don't think so.
Point Of View

Our Thoughts On Olivia Munn’s Decision To Blame Potatoes

Haven’t you heard about the newest face-sculpting carb? Recently, Olivia Munn lit up the Internet when she posted a close-up photo of her face on Instagram—a face that, some suggest, looks more like Cher—and pretty much gave us all hope that, in addition to exercise and topical astringent, eating a potato can save us all from knives and syringes.  Read more

Should You Use Rob Lowe's New Skincare Line?

Rob Lowe Breaks the Cardinal Law of Anti-Aging, But He Still Remains Ageless

Rob Lowe is an ageless wonder, a god among men (my husband, in particular).  I found this out a little while back while out to dinner on vacation in Hawaii. Read more

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