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Dana James

Why Does Lemon Water Actually Do?
Nutrition + Diet

Remember: Lemon Water Is The Easiest, Cheapest Way To Detoxify

Perhaps the “hot water with lemon” combo goes back ages ago, but for many of us, the first time we learned of this trend was when Samantha Jones ordered it over brunch as a weight loss enhancer on Sex and the City. Read more

Make This Watermelon Smoothie Now
In The Kitchen

This Watermelon + Mint Smoothie Is Perfect To Make Right Now

I’m having a love affair with summer—her warmth promises freedom, limitless light and joy. Can this all be attributed to a season? Probably not. But the empty streets and slower pace in NY during these late August weeks remind me that we all need a bit of space once in a while. Read more

How I Trained For A Hot Summer Body

Dana James, Nutritionist: How I Trained For A Hot Summer Bod

Dana James is a triple-board-certified nutritionist, Charlotte’s Book advisor, and founder of Food Coach NYC. She has a multi-disciplinary approach to nutrition therapy and fitness—here’s how she struggled to find the right work out, and eventually figured out the key to a beautiful toned, hot bod. Read more

What Is Irina Shayk's Papaya Powder Secret?
Vitamins + Supplements

Is it Genetics or Is It Diet? Irina Shayk’s Papaya Powder Secret

Recently, Vogue reported that Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Irina Shayk swears by a fermented papaya vitamin powder that she buys in Milan. Read more

Nutrition + Diet

How To Stop Your Hangover Before It Starts

Sometimes the best medicine is preventive—according to our CB verified experts, there are some excellent ways to avoid that brutal holiday season hangover.Sometimes a New Year’s Day hangover is inevitable—but what can you do before you start drinking to prevent (or make slightly less terrible) the next-day woes? Read more

Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe
In The Kitchen

Try This Amazing Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe

You know what’s in your pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin-flavored Greek yogurt? Loads of sugar, coloring and artificial flavors. Ew! But you can get your pumpkin-spice fix without the fake stuff by making your own raw, vegan pumpkin pie—this is one of my favorite recipes. Read more

Pumpkin is rich in zinc and vitamin A - 3 things to do with yours.
In The Kitchen

3 Things To Do With Your Pumpkin That Will Make You Prettier

It’s official! They’re everywhere. Porches, lattes, your Instagram feed—you can’t sneeze this time of year without hitting a pumpkin patch. But did you know that pumpkins are actually really good for you, not just feel-good?  Read more

Beauty Food- Almond Milk Spirulina Smoothie
In The Kitchen

Recipe: Upgraded Almond Milk

If you’ve mastered making almond milk—almonds, water, dates, blend—it’s time for an upgrade. By soaking your organic almonds for three hours (or overnight), the almonds are converted to a living food with greater nutrient bioavailability. Read more

Charlotte's Book expert Dana James discusses liquid chlorophyll-
Nutrition + Diet

Liquid Chlorophyll Can Cure Your Nutritional Sins

barley grass

It’s getting confusing.

If I believed everything I read about these “green” products, I’d be throwing back chlorophyll and wheatgrass shots, making barley grass concoctions and swallowing chlorella tablets every few hours. Read more

Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age
Nutrition + Diet

This Is Why Your Hangovers Are Getting Worse As You Get Older

In your twenties you can knock back two martinis, down a glass of champagne, sip someone’s beer and drink countless bottles of wine over dinner and not feel hungover the next day. Read more

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