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Are french fries bad for you?
Nutrition + Diet

Seriously: Are French Fries Really That Bad?

Sometimes we have to ask the tough questions—the ones no one really wants to know the answers to. In that spirit, we asked celeb nutritionist Keri Glassman about basically-a-vegetable-slightly-less-healthy-fried-potatoes (aka french fries). Read more

How to detox properly
Nutrition + Diet

Yes, There’s A Right Way To Detox: Very Carefully

Detoxing means to rid the body of toxins and unhealthy substances. But the word detox is thrown around a lot, and treating the process casually can lead to dangerous eating patterns—especially in individuals who have suffered from eating issues. Read more

Springtime is Skintime

Springtime is Skintime — Inspiration To Reboot And Refresh


Peeling back the layers of winter both mentally and physically can be achieved by performing subtle gestures that yield dramatic results. Read more

Nutrition + Diet

Does Drinking Vinegar To Lose Weight Actually Work?

Apple cider vinegar and its million suggested uses—from cleaning your countertop to balancing your skin’s pH to making your hair shiny—have the feeling of urban legend. Read more

Runa vs. Coffee ? This Healthy Coach Takes The Challenge
Nutrition + Diet

Why I Want You To Swap Your Coffee For Runa

Who doesn’t love a warming cup of coffee or decadent almond milk latte? And as winter arrives, we’re moving in droves to the local bean purveyor and amping up our regular pumpkin spice late. Read more

Are cheat meals really allowed? A nutritionist answers.
Nutrition + Diet

Ask Charlotte: How Often Are Cheat Meals Really Allowed?

Chillier weather feels sort of feels cozy (tea please), but it also feels like eating all the things at once. All the pasta, all the bread, all the pizza, all the—you get it. Read more

Debating The Carb-Cutout Program
Nutrition + Diet

Debate — To Carb Or Not To Carb

I struggle with carbohydrates constantly. When I go full Paleo for months and strike carbs from every plate and pantry, I am usually at my skinniest. Read more

Erica'a Gragg's Escape To Shape - Charlotte's Book
Travel + Spa

How To Find The Right Detox Destination For You


Editor’s Note: Not only is Erica Gragg an ACE-certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, she is a wellness and travel expert, otherwise known as ‘The Escape Artist’ Read more

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