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Sample Butt Workout Program

A Sample Butt Workout That’ll Actually Give You The Bum Of Your Dreams

Everyone’s on a quest for the perfect butt. Perfect, of course, means something different for each person. But there are some general rules to follow for a more toned backside, which I shared recently. Read more

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren't Working

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren’t Working

When Charlotte’s Book founder Robin Shobin approached me to write about the glutes—how to change them with exercise, how long it takes to see results, etc.—I was slow to start. Read more

Does exercising on an empty stomach burn more calories?

Does Exercising On An Empty Stomach Burn More Calories?

You might have read somewhere—or heard from a friend—that exercising in the morning, on an empty stomach, will burn more calories. But is it true? Read more

hot baths with health benefits

Hallelujah: A Hot Bath Burns More Calories Than A 30-minute Walk

Finally, some good news! The restorative, centering, blissful benefits of a long, hot bath have been obvious for centuries.

But did you know that a hot bath can actually burn more calories than a 30-minute walk? Read more

Do facial exercises work? Is it scam or glam? We check with the experts

Facial Fitness: Scam Or Glam?

Do facial exercises work? Well, from the ancient Egyptians (you guessed it—another Cleopatra trend) to the Chinese to the French, women have been doing facial exercises for centuries. Read more

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