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The 7 Best Beauty & Wellness Apps

Work Out At Home: The Best Of Digital Fitness

When it’s cold out,Ā leaving your house to work out just seems impossible. Why leave the heat and comfort of your apartment for something you can find online? Read more

How does fitness change after 40?

How Does Fitness Change After 40? Here’s My Best Training Advice

Like it or not, our bodies change as we mature and enter our forties, fifties, and beyond. This is true even for those of us who stay active and continue fitness programs that were effective in our younger years. Read more

Is Yoga Good For Weight Loss?

9 Reasons Yoga Is Perfect For Weight Loss

For many of us, the first step on the journey to weight loss is through the gym doors. The glistening and toned physiques at the weight rack, on the treadmills, and in spin class briefly inspire us to think that the best way to shed those stubborn pounds is to lift heavier, run faster, and push harder. Read more

What Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser Brings on Vacation
Travel + Spa

Celebrity Fitness Guru Anna Kaiser: What I Bring On Vacation

A few times a year, I host week-long AKT retreats in different locations around the world. I get together with a group of women who are looking to reprogram their bodies with a high energy, sweat-filled fitness program. Read more

Weight loss plateau tips

You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau: Now What?

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau in your weight loss journey. You’re working hard and sticking to your eating and fitness plans when out of nowhere it seems that your progress stops dead in its tracks. Read more

Is Your Workout Aging You?

Is Your Workout Aging You?

If you’reĀ over-extending andĀ straining your neck when you work out, you could be stretching the facial and neck muscles, causingĀ looseness and associated wrinkles. Read more

Anna Kaiser's Ojai Valley Workout Retreat
Travel + Spa

Fitness Retreat Alert: Doing It Anna Kaiser Style In Ojai

By now it might be pretty obvious: we’re obsessed withĀ Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT (the Anna Kaiser technique), and we’re happy to report that she’s hosting the ultimate fitness retreat in beautiful Ojai, California this October 18-23. Read more

what does it take to be "model fit"?

What Does It Take To Be “Model Fit”?

Heather Marr is one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the world, for none other than the most beautiful creatures in the world: models. Read more

Is it safe to lift weights while pregnant?

Is It Safe To Lift Weights While Pregnant?


I’m pregnant andĀ definitely want to keep working out, but I’m curious: is it safeĀ for me to use weights?


Yes! Read more

The Mind-Body Connection Makes Anti-Aging Possible

How The Mind-Body Connection Can Reverse Aging

In this case, “it’s all in your head” is the sweetest words we’ll ever read.

Bruce Grierson’s New York Times feature on the work of Dr. Read more

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