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Can I wear yoga pants to work? Apparently now you can.

Athleisure: Apparently Yoga Clothes Now Count As Business Casual

It’s been a long time coming: athleisure, love it or completely despise it, has started making fly-by-night appearances at the office. You can thank the yoga-meets-life appeal for this expansion, or people’s love of whatever’s comfortable, or maybe the increasingly lax approach—at least in the arts, publishing, and non profits—to traditional office wear. Read more

Tammy Fender's Skin-Fixing Workout + Pre/Post Skincare Routine

Tammy Fender’s Skin-Fixing Workout Moves + Pre/Post Skincare Routine

Tammy Fender, an aesthetician with over 25 years of experience in botany, chemistry, and medical science, first became known for her signature facials and post-op healing treatments. Read more

How I Trained For A Hot Summer Body

Dana James, Nutritionist: How I Trained For A Hot Summer Bod

Dana James is a triple-board-certified nutritionist, Charlotte’s Book advisor, and founder of Food Coach NYC. She has a multi-disciplinary approach to nutrition therapy and fitness—here’s how she struggled to find the right work out, and eventually figured out the key to a beautiful toned, hot bod. Read more

Erica'a Gragg's Escape To Shape - Charlotte's Book
Travel + Spa

How To Find The Right Detox Destination For You


Editor’s Note: Not only is Erica Gragg an ACE-certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, she is a wellness and travel expert, otherwise known as ‘The Escape Artist’ Read more


Why Kundalini Yoga Is The New Vinyasa

Model-turned-yogi Angela Lindvall is doing it, and so are thousands of people—even in Madison Square Garden. The term Kundalini means “a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine”, often portrayed as a coiled-up serpent. Read more

Can exerciser reverse aging?

The Amazing Links Between Exercise & Anti-Aging

That rush of adrenaline after a long run, spin, or yoga session is usually followed by a gorgeous, pink-cheeked flush—that might be the first thing you notice after exercise, but it’s not the only benefit. Read more

The Best Workout Gear For Your Skin
Natural + Holistic

Don’t Sweat It: The Best Athletic Gear For Your Skin

Exercising, and therefore sweating, is an almost daily necessity. But there’s no reason to sacrifice your skin during spin, or yoga, or stand-up paddleboard yoga (yes, that’s a thing). Read more

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