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What You Need To Know: PRP For Hair Regeneration

You’re probably familiar with¬†PRP thanks to the widely-covered vampire facial, but it’s actually a very commonly¬†applied procedure outside the Kardashian world. Read more

Are Carbs Good for Your Hair?
Natural + Holistic

Are Carbs Good For Your Hair?

Almost everyone has a tempestuous relationship with carbohydrates.¬†Some people’s eyes¬†glaze over in reminiscent bliss. Others save their carb allowance for an indulgent Sunday, while a select few simply run away screaming. Read more

Fish Oil Supplement Pros/Cons
Vitamins + Supplements

Expert Opinion: Is Taking Fish Oil Actually Good For You?

At Charlotte’s Book, we’re serious about our supplements: you are what you eat,¬†after all. We were surprised to see this recent New York Times video portraying a fish oil market where oxidation causes the quality of fish oil to deteriorate‚ÄĒapparently, New Zealand has a particular problem with sub-par product, with 83% of fish oils on the market below standard. Read more

Jessica Johnson's Brow & Lash Serum Really Works

Jessica Johnson Brow & Lash Serum: It Works

Having turned 40 this past summer, I’ve noticed that my eyelashes are becoming a bit sparse. To that end, I’ve been on the hunt for a product that will not only spur hair growth, but also condition my lashes. Read more

Laser hair removal isn't for the faint of heart, but is certainly worth it.

Summer Prep: The Laser Hair Removal Guide

If you’ve been considering the zap, you probably know it’s a winter-time endeavor,¬†and if you’ve been looking at the calendar (or out the window) you know there’s just a¬†few months left to schedule the series of laser treatments required to clean things ¬†up for summer beach scenes. Read more


What’s The Deal With Hair Burning (a.k.a. Velaterapia)?

We’ve never purposely played with fire, because that’s not advised: we’re still not sure about this new treatment, velaterapia, a brazilian hair burning treatment that promises to refresh split ends and leave hair smooth and shiny. Read more


Welcome to Brows 101

Liz Taylor, Cara Delevingne, Cruella de Vil, Lauren Bacall, Mr. Spock, Madonna, and even Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes: there’s no denying the power of the brow. Read more

Botox For Hair Sweating?
Buyer Beware

Extending The Life Of Your Blowout: Is This New Treatment Worth It?

Here’s the scenario: you have a major meeting at 10 a.m. Everything needs to be on point for this meeting, including your hair, which is why you get a blowout the day before. Read more

Cara Delevingne is the new poster child for bold brows, as Brooke Shields was in the 1980's.

Revival of Bold Brows, Possible For All

When it comes to fashion and beauty, trends are cyclical.  What’s here today and gone tomorrow always has a way of popping back up when we least expect it. Read more

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