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Holiday Wishlist 2017

Tropical Vacations, Yoga, Rare Jewelry, And Saunas: Here’s The Charlotte’s Book Community Wishlist For 2017

According to successful people everywhere, we should all be writing down the things we want—whether they’re long-term goals or things we hope to get done tomorrow. Read more

The Holiday Party Survival Guide

The Ultimate Holiday (Health) Survival Guide

The holiday season can become an endless parade of parties, deadlines, and moments of frantically juggling work, shopping, entertaining, and family. Even though it’s the season for joy and celebration, it’s easy to feel below par thanks to overeating, drinking, lack of sleep, and viral infections. Read more

Best beauty gifts for under $100
Point Of View

Start Shopping! Here Are 10 Beauty + Wellness Gifts, All Under $100

Is it the holidays already?! What happened to fall?

It seems to come earlier every year, but I couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. Read more

A Nutritionist's Guide To Thanksgiving
Nutrition + Diet

The Nutritionist’s Guide To Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? The food is awesome, it’s a no-pressure holiday (mostly), plus it’s the perfect time for a long weekend. By making recipes that preserve the integrity of each ingredient as well as maximize nutrition content, you’re bound to feel totally satisfied without feeling painfully full, and you’ll set the stage for healthy habits throughout the holiday season.  Read more

The Best Beauty And Wellness Under $25

The 10 Best Beauty & Wellness Buys Under $25

Buying gifts for yourself is always the best—it’s all about self-care, right?—but giving the gift of beauty and wellness to your whole girl gang is almost just as good. Read more

Our CB community holiday wish list

From Vintage Cartier To A Week At Malibu Ranch, This Is The Charlotte’s Book Community Wish List: What We Really, Really Want

Wish lists are fun. We all want something, whether it’s a pile of diamonds, an empty inbox, or an escape into the mountains of Malibu. Read more

Erica'a Gragg's Escape To Shape - Charlotte's Book
Travel + Spa

How To Find The Right Detox Destination For You


Editor’s Note: Not only is Erica Gragg an ACE-certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, she is a wellness and travel expert, otherwise known as ‘The Escape Artist’ Read more

Nutrition + Diet

At Last: The Ideal Hangover Breakfast

Brut got a little brutal? Champs got you feeling a little less like a champion? We were wondering—and several readers asked—in the event of an over-zealous celebratory evening, what’s the best thing to eat? Read more

Nutrition + Diet

How To Stop Your Hangover Before It Starts

Sometimes the best medicine is preventive—according to our CB verified experts, there are some excellent ways to avoid that brutal holiday season hangover.Sometimes a New Year’s Day hangover is inevitable—but what can you do before you start drinking to prevent (or make slightly less terrible) the next-day woes? Read more

Best Beauty And Wellness Gifts

The Best Beauty + Wellness Gifts To Give Yourself

With the holiday season in full swing it’s time to start shopping for friends, family, pets… and of course, yourself!

Sure, it’s fun to give gifts, but no one can deny that it’s great to receive them. Read more


New Year’s Resolutions
à la Charlotte

It’s the time of year when we reflect on mishaps of the past and offer ourselves promises to be better, if only at one thing, in the year that lies ahead. Read more

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