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Meet your mecca: the New York Credo beauty shop is amazing.

Credo Beauty Has Landed In New York: What Should You Buy?

Credo Beauty has finally hit New York! If you haven’t heard of it, well—now you have. It was founded in 2014 by beauty industry veterans Annie Jackson and Shashi Batra. Read more

Erica'a Gragg's Escape To Shape - Charlotte's Book
Travel + Spa

How To Find The Right Detox Destination For You


Editor’s Note: Not only is Erica Gragg an ACE-certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, she is a wellness and travel expert, otherwise known as ‘The Escape Artist’ Read more

Manuka Honey Has Amazing Beauty Benefits
In The Kitchen

Manuka Honey Is A Supercharged Cure-All: Here’s Why

Slather it, sip it, wear it, smear it all over: we’re talking about Manuka honey. This pricey yet potent honey has gained popularity over the last few years thanks to its multifunctional and apparent superpower health benefits. Read more

Beauty Dust: we tried Amanda Chantal Bacon’s line for a week and here's our Moon Juice reviews
Vitamins + Supplements

We Moon Dusted For A Week: Here’s What Happened

Think of it as a key part of the mystical wellness trend: crystals, Kundalini, and Beauty Dust. Amanda Chantal Bacon’s super-successful LA-based brand of milks, dusts, and juices has been covered by W Magazine, Vogue, and has also appeared all over Goop (yes, Gwyn loves the dusts). Read more

Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz in Zoolander 2

We Love Kristen Wiig As Alexanya Atoz, Plus Why “Youth Milk” Is Actually Good For You

Could Kristen Wiig be any funnier? Nope. In this new teaser for Zoolander 2, she appears as Alexanya Atoz, head of cosmetics at the House of Atoz. Read more

Your inside is alkaline, your skin is acid—Marisa Arrendondo explains how to maintain this delicate, difficult balance.

Alkaline Vs. Acid: What To Eat For Healthier Skin

For most of us, leading a more balanced life ranks at the top of our priorities. But balance doesn’t only pertain to external factors like stress, work, and your personal life. Read more

Tracy Piper Talks Colonics

A colon hydrotherapy (colonic) explained

Gastrointestinal problems are one the most common health complaints challenging our society. These include indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, and constipation, just to name a few. Read more

Premier Provider Tracy Piper Weighs in on Why and When You Should Consider Acupuncture

Acupuncture: This Ancient Practice Cures 48 Modern Ailments

Interested in acupuncture but still doubtful about it’s healing powers and squeamish about undergoing the process? To help demystify this ancient holistic practice, and ease anxiety over the needles’ prick, Charlotte asked Premier Provider and expert contributor to the Book, Tracy Piper, for insight into why you should consider acupuncture. Read more


Tired? Maybe It’s Time to Try REST

“Feeling stressed? Have back pain? Struggling with insomnia?” Mashable’s Kathleen Wong asks in this recent feature. Do these questions make you want to yell a desperate, energy-drained yes? Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow says the VSteam (em, yes, vaginal steaming) gives her an amazing energy boost. Could that be true?

Ooh! Aah! We Tried It: Vaginal Steaming

Admittedly, however crazy Gwyneth Paltrow sounds at times, such as saying things like “conscious uncoupling” or that working mothers have it easier than moms who don’t work (the answer is that it’s never easy!), I still listen to whatever she says about her beauty and wellness routine. Read more

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