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All About Facial Gua Sha
Natural + Holistic

All About Facial Gua Sha, Jade Rolling’s More Intense Older Sister

No doubt you’ve heard of jade rolling, but what about gua sha? It’s like jade rolling’s older, more intense sister. An ancient Chinese healing technique—even older than acupuncture—gua sha roughly translates to “scraping.” It involves using a small, smooth stone scraping tool against the skin to massage and stimulate muscles and tissues. Read more

Farmacy Just Launched Its Honeymoon Glow Serum

Get Your Honeymoon Glow On With Farmacy’s New Night Serum (No Wedding Required)

Farm-to-table is great and all, but farm-to-face? That’s something we can definitely get behind.

Using cutting-edge science in combination with the healing powers of ingredients found in nature to create skincare products? Read more

What Is Snow Mushroom Water Serum, And Does It Work?

What The Heck Is Snow Mushroom Water? And Why Should Your Skin Care So Much?

Every skincare lover is constantly on the quest for the new hydrating, skin-revitalizing product. One product that’s recently piqued a lot of interest is as ancient as it is new. Read more

What is fractionated coconut oil? And is coconut oil good for skin?
Natural + Holistic

Is the Coconut Oil in My Kitchen Safe For My Skin?

Nutritionists and skin pros alike extol the benefits of coconut oil for both your inner health and skin. But what kind of coconut oil should you be using? Read more

How To Fight Winter Blues - Naturally. Use these 6 supplements
Vitamins + Supplements

6 Herbal Supplements To Fight The Winter Blues

Don’t you just want to stay in bed forever these days? There’s no doubt that the dark days of winter can bring you down. Energy’s lacking, viruses take their toll, and your mood isn’t what it would be on a perfectly warm, sunny day in June. Read more

Whole Foods skin care: a medical aesthetician selects the best of the best from the Whole Beauty line.

What Does A Medical Esthetician Buy From Whole Foods Beauty?

I get lost in the Whole Foods skin care section, Whole Body—it’s the best part of grocery shopping. It used to be tiny, with just a few “green” products, but now they’ve expanded into a practically full-fledged beauty store. Read more

Restorsea: salmon egg enzyme skincare now at your derm's office.

Salmon Egg Enzyme Skincare: Now At Your Derm’s Office

Usually, getting skincare from your dermatologist’s office means retin-A, acids, or other medical grade ingredients, but a new line on the market isn’t made from any of these things—it’s made from salmon eggs. Read more

EO Ageless Skincare Review

Review: EO Ageless Skincare Makes Winter Bearable

Winter sucks. But somehow, the EO Ageless Skincare line seems designed to combat some of the toughest cold-weather skincare woes—it’s not for truly sub-zero temperatures, but it’ll do, especially for winter’s so-far-mostly-mild-crossing-our-fingers-weather. Read more

Your inside is alkaline, your skin is acid—Marisa Arrendondo explains how to maintain this delicate, difficult balance.

Alkaline Vs. Acid: What To Eat For Healthier Skin

For most of us, leading a more balanced life ranks at the top of our priorities. But balance doesn’t only pertain to external factors like stress, work, and your personal life. Read more

Is Moringa Oil The New Skincare and Superfood You Need?

Why Moringa Is Our Newest Skincare And Superfood Crush

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new superfood to track: Moringa. And it’s not only being coined as a new superfood, but as a super skincare savior as well. Read more

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