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Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!

A Cardinal Sin: Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!

Any well-heeled woman knows the tremendous impact makeup can have on her looks. My mother aptly calls her makeup case the magic bag because, like most of us, she walks out of her bathroom looking practically unrecognizable from the fair lady who awoke just moments before. Read more

A Reformed Bad Sleeper Gives 3 Tips To Avoid Insomnia

How I Finally Fixed My Sleep Issues

It’s true: I’m a reformed bad sleeper. And I’m going to share 3 common sleep problems (and solutions) you won’t likely hear a doctor mention; Read more


This New Super-Popular Skincare Treatment Features Plant Placenta

Editor’s Note: EMK is a Beverly Hills-based skincare line made from a botanically-derived extract—don’t worry, we’re talking plants, not human placentas. Apparently, this extract is virtually identical to human placental extract, and the formulas calm acne, rosacea, eczema, and rejuvenate fatigued, UV-damaged skin. Read more

How Does Micellar Water Really Work?

Micellar Water Is The Busy Woman’s Dream Fall Face Wash

The French have gotten a lot of things right. Bordeaux, baguettes, brie, vacation days—everything seems so luxurious and effortless. Which is why, when your brutal fall work schedule arrives—and the accompanying face-freezing nor-easters—it’s time to check in and see what the French are up to. Read more

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