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The Best Soda Alternatives
Nutrition + Diet

The 10 Best, Most Delicious Soda Alternatives

It used to be that there was nothing I loved more than a refreshing can of Diet Coke on a hot summer day. Now, I would never touch the can of chemicals. Read more

Meredith Geller's Guide to Clean Eating
Nutrition + Diet

An Easy, Clean-Eating Beauty Food Guide — Updated By A Wellness Curator

Eating clean leads to radiance. Eating clean is about enjoyment, not deprivation—eating clean does not have to be a drag. I’ve outlined some simple guidelines below so you can include more of these magic-making foods in your everyday life. Read more

Are cheat meals really allowed? A nutritionist answers.
Nutrition + Diet

Ask Charlotte: How Often Are Cheat Meals Really Allowed?

Chillier weather feels sort of feels cozy (tea please), but it also feels like eating all the things at once. All the pasta, all the bread, all the pizza, all the—you get it. Read more

Why Frozen Fruit Is Actually Better For You
Nutrition + Diet

Sometimes, Frozen Is Actually Better Than Fresh


While the idea of frozen food might bring to mind processed pizza or freezer-burned chicken nuggets, when it comes to produce, frozen is actually better. Read more

Why you stop ordering egg white omelets
Nutrition + Diet

Stop Ordering An Egg White Omelet: 5 Reasons To Eat The Whole Egg

The egg white omelet. Tempting until you actually taste it, right? We’ve got good news for you—it’s time to eat the whole egg. Jenny Sansouci, AADP certified Health Coach with a certificate in Food Therapy, gives us a whole gaggle of reasons you should respect the yolk. Read more

Nutrition + Diet

Seasonal Superfoods: Eat For Spring

The transition from winter to spring is intoxicating: flowers are popping up in the park and everything feels fresh and new. What about you?

Now’s the time to switch to spring superfoods—a seasonal, natural detox that your ancestors followed for centuries. Read more

Artificial Sweeteners: The Truth
Nutrition + Diet

How Diet Coke Messes With Your Microbiome

Beyoncé tells us to drink Diet Pepsi. Taylor Swift tells us to drink Diet Coke. While we may be fans of their music, after reading this New York Times article, their pitch for diet soda falls pretty flat. Read more

Agave? Honey? Stevia? Decoding Natural Sugars
Nutrition + Diet

Decoding Natural Sugars

If it tastes good, it should be good for you—just because something’s sweet doesn’t mean it needs to be off limits! Even if you’re an agave guru, Charlotte’s Book expert Health Coach Holli Thompson has some sweet surprises in this list of five natural sugars.  Read more

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