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Healthy Summer Cocktails
In The Kitchen

The Detoxifying, Hydrating Charlotte’s Book Summer Cocktail

Can a cocktail detox, hydrate, and promote digestion on top of getting you to that perfect post-work plateau of buzzing relaxation?

We think so. Read more

roasted sesame avocado dip
In The Kitchen

Recipe: Roasted Sesame Avocado Cream

Inspired by the Japanese flavor combination of avocado, sesame, and nori, I made an avocado dip full of surprises! The tahini adds a satisfying richness and complexity, while the toasted sesame seeds bring on the nuttiness and impart a wonderful contrast to the smooth creaminess. Read more

The Best Soda Alternatives
Nutrition + Diet

The 10 Best, Most Delicious Soda Alternatives

It used to be that there was nothing I loved more than a refreshing can of Diet Coke on a hot summer day. Now, I would never touch the can of chemicals. Read more

Spinach, cilantro, and sweet potato detox soup.
In The Kitchen

Recipe: Deep Detox Cilantro, Spinach, & Sweet Potato Soup

I love this detox soup so much that I make it all the time—even when I’m not on a cleanse. It’s rich and hearty with tons of brightness from the lemon and cilantro, plus a little kick from the cayenne pepper. Read more

In The Kitchen

How To Make The Perfect Matcha Latte And Why It’s So Good For You

Matcha is a superstar food in my house these days. I love its superpowers and uplifting, calming effect, and I adore the slightly bitter deliciousness that I’m told is so good for me. Read more

Meredith Geller's Guide to Clean Eating
Nutrition + Diet

An Easy, Clean-Eating Beauty Food Guide — Updated By A Wellness Curator

Eating clean leads to radiance. Eating clean is about enjoyment, not deprivation—eating clean does not have to be a drag. I’ve outlined some simple guidelines below so you can include more of these magic-making foods in your everyday life. Read more

Overnight Oats As Beauty Food
In The Kitchen

Overnight Oats — The Beauty Food Way

It’s winter, and that means oats. Comforting, delicious, and oh-so-good-for-you, overnight oats are the best kind because with very little work from you, they just get better and better. Read more

Amanda Chantal Bacon's New Cookbook - A review
In The Kitchen

Amanda Chantal Bacon Has A Moon Juice Cookbook — Here’s An Honest Review

Moon Juice. If you’re a wellness junkie or you read Elle or Vogue regularly, you know who Amanda Chantal Bacon is and all about her cosmic L.A.-based wellness brand, Moon Juice. Read more

Salmon Pesto Beauty Food Recipe by Dana James
In The Kitchen

Date Night Beauty Food: Wild Salmon with Pumpkin Seed Cilantro Pesto

Last week, I received a desperate call from a girlfriend: “I need a fish recipe to impress a new man!” I’m pretty simple with my fish recipes; Read more

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