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Expert Q/A

Is Facial Steaming Actually Good For My Skin?

A Charlotte’s Book readerĀ submitted an #AskCharlotte question about facial steaming. For an expert’s perspective, we reached out to Allison Tray of Tres Belle Spa, who cleared things up for us. Read more

Restorsea: salmon egg enzyme skincare now at your derm's office.

Salmon Egg Enzyme Skincare: Now At Your Derm’s Office

Usually, getting skincare from your dermatologistā€™s office means retin-A, acids, or other medical grade ingredients, but a new line on the market isnā€™t made from any of these thingsā€”itā€™s made from salmon eggs. Read more

Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz in Zoolander 2

We Love Kristen Wiig As Alexanya Atoz, Plus Why “Youth Milk” Is Actually Good For You

Could Kristen WiigĀ be any funnier? Nope.Ā In this new teaser for Zoolander 2, sheĀ appears as Alexanya Atoz, head of cosmetics at the House of Atoz. Read more

When choosing liquid foundations for acne skin, choose those that contain a low concentration of salicylic acid, which help open clogged pores

#AskCharlotte: What is the Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin With Acne?

Charlotteā€™s Book isĀ a trusted placeĀ to find and share information on the best in skincare, anti-aging, aesthetics, and wellness.Ā Ask Charlotte your beauty or wellness question,Ā and weā€™ll call upon one of the experts inĀ The BookĀ to provide you with the most up-to-date information. Read more

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