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In an ideal world, we would all maintain our dream physique year round, but that’s not the reality for everyone. Some people may actively try to add on muscle mass (which inevitably comes with fat tissue) during the winter months and want to reveal their hard-earned muscle in the summer. Read more

How I Get Over The Dreaded End-Of-Summer Slump
Vitamins + Supplements

My End-Of-Summer Slump Is In Full Effect. Here’s My Quick Guide To A Post-Summer Reboot.

So many weekends of indulgence, a Fourth of July grill-fest, heavy August drinking, and all of a sudden I see puffy red eyes, the peek of a wine belly, the onslaught of new pimples, and is it just me, or are my jeans feeling tight? Read more

Five Simple Tweaks To Keep Your Skin From Freaking This Summer
Sun Care

Are You Having A Summer Skin Freakout?

Summertime is an amazing time of year, but it isn’t always great on your skin. There’s the obvious increase in exposure to UV rays. Read more

Get A Summer Glow With Drunk Elephant's D-Bronzi

Drunk Elephant’s New D-Bronzi Is The Perfect Self-Tanner For People Who Are Terrified Of Self-Tanners

It’s summertime, and that means lots of sunshine (and sun protection, of course). Just because you’re staying in the shade as much as possible and wearing sunscreen and hats, though, doesn’t mean you can’t have that sun-kissed summer glow. Read more

Summer Treats That Won't Make You Gain Weight
Nutrition + Diet

How To Not Gain Weight This Summer

Whether you’re spending long days at the beach, or grilling on your back patio, summer brings good times you’ll want to savor. For me, they almost always involve food and parties with friends. Read more

The Summer Skincare Switch Up: My Favorite Hot-Weather Essentials
Sun Care

The Summer Skincare Switch Up: My Essentials

It’s hot, the sun is shining, I’m sweating, and my makeup is semi-melting: it’s time to switch things over to my summer skincare routine. Higher temperatures give skin a different texture, and higher moisture content from sweat or humidity can cause certain products to act differently. Read more

herbal summer remedies
Vitamins + Supplements

Survive Summer With These 5 Herbal Remedies

Hit the gym? Check. Exfoliate all those newly-exposed limbs? Check. Sunscreen? Absolutely. Summer preparation and protection is in full swing, and along with all the usual suspects, there are tons of herbal remedies—for hay fever, sunburn, over-taxed livers, and more. Read more

Get the best wine, avoid the hangover.
In The Kitchen

Drink The Right Rosé And Avoid A Terrible Hangover

It’s rosé season. And just like GQ says, we’ve “gotten past the awful ‘brosé’ trend pieces and pink wine no longer tastes like melted down Jolly Ranchers blitzed with half a cup of sugar.” Read more

Dr. Julie Russak's Summer Skincare Tips
Expert Q/A

A Top Dermatologist’s Summer Skincare Tips

Every time it heats up we’re tempted to bare all: high-octane vitamin D is a glorious side effect, but wrinkles and dark spots are not. Read more

A review of James Read Self Tan Products

Review — A Self-Tanner Mask, Pen & Spray That Actually Work

I’m a self-professed self-tanner junkie: there’s rarely a day of the year when I’m not wearing some form of self-tanner. While I feel like I’ve tried almost every tanner under the sun (pun intended), I am always excited to test out a new one, so I eagerly welcomed the opportunity to review 3 products from the James Read tanning line. Read more

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