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Sun Care

Freckle or Mole? How To Do A Self-Check

Now that summer’s over and you’ve had your fair share of fun in the sun, here’s a wake up call: 1 in 5 Americans will be affected by skin cancer, and more than 3.5 million new cases in 2 million people are diagnosed annually. Read more

The Best Summer Hats for 2017 - curated by Actress Stephanie Fantauzzi
Sun Care

First-Class Summer Hats: 2017 Edition

The best reason to rock a summer hat? Not for fashion of course, but in the name of wrinkle prevention. And while a good scarf and chunky shades are a good start, these won’t be enough to combat the 50 shades of sun this summer promises.  Read more

Dr. Julie Russak's Summer Skincare Tips
Expert Q/A

A Top Dermatologist’s Summer Skincare Tips

Every time it heats up we’re tempted to bare all: high-octane vitamin D is a glorious side effect, but wrinkles and dark spots are not. Read more

DermSpectra : A Full Body Imaging Skin Cancer Check - Here's What You Need To Know
Sun Care

Meet DermaSpectra—A Full Body Imaging Skin Cancer Check

Diagnosing skin cancer has always been complicated: delays can cause major problems, but early detection can save lives. So where’s the technology we’ve all been waiting for that can “read” Read more

Is Your Tinted SPF Good Enough?
Sun Care

Are Tinted Moisturizers With SPF Enough?

Almost everything has SPF in it these days: but does a moisturizer, foundation, or BB cream offer enough sun protection all by themselves, or even layered? Read more

Love the sun? It might actually be genetic.
Sun Care

Addicted To Tanning? It Might Be Genetic

For naturally paler complexions, sporting a sun-kissed glow can be a real boost. It can also transform into a dangerous addiction: this new study suggests that some people feel the lure of the sun’s rays much more strongly than others, and researchers at the Yale School of Public Health may have identified a gene that predisposes some people to tanning addiction, shedding light on the plight of sun-worshipers. Read more

The 3-phase Sunburn Remedy, Explained
Sun Care

How The Pros Deal With Sunburn

Welcome to summer: Fourth of July weekend leaves us all a little toasted, in more ways than one. Sometimes we’re just so excited to be smack in the middle of summer, warm in the sun with a drink in our hand, that we forget to take precaution. Read more

Ferulic Acid Is Your New Suncare Essential
Sun Care

Why Ferulic Acid Is the New Must-Have In Sun Protection

The sun is out and I can see people out and about in Central Park, which is located right across the street from my dermatology practice. Read more

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