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My Vacation Rules - How To be Healthy When You Travel
Nutrition + Diet

How To Stay Healthy When You Travel, According To A Health Coach

I just got back from vacation. I ate what I wanted to, when I wanted to. Gluten, dairy, sweets. Not all day, every day, but my nutritional style sorta went out the window. Read more

What Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser Brings on Vacation
Travel + Spa

Celebrity Fitness Guru Anna Kaiser: What I Bring On Vacation

A few times a year, I host week-long AKT retreats in different locations around the world. I get together with a group of women who are looking to reprogram their bodies with a high energy, sweat-filled fitness program. Read more

Anna Kaiser's Ojai Valley Workout Retreat
Travel + Spa

Fitness Retreat Alert: Doing It Anna Kaiser Style In Ojai

By now it might be pretty obvious: we’re obsessed with Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT (the Anna Kaiser technique), and we’re happy to report that she’s hosting the ultimate fitness retreat in beautiful Ojai, California this October 18-23. Read more

The 4 Beauty Products I Always Take With Me - According To A Spa Owner

The 4 Things This Spa Owner Takes Everywhere, No Matter What

Being a beauty expert and spa proprietress for over a decade, I talk to people about my favorite skincare and make-up “must haves” Read more

A New Beauty + Wellness Retreat Launches In Upstate New York
Travel + Spa

ShesWELL: A New Wellness & Beauty Retreat Launches in Upstate New York

What happens when a spa owner, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a cosmetologist, and a Hudson Valley B&B innkeeper get together? A series of retreat weekends in the Hudson Valley, of course! Read more

Best Wellness Packets For Travel
Vitamins + Supplements

Travel Well, Travel Easy: The Best Of Single-Serving Wellness

Everyone’s intimately familiar with travel-size skincare. But what about travel-size wellness? I find it really difficult to pack up my wellness regimen; I end up hauling around tons of vitamin jars, cartons of protein powders, and all the little extras. Read more

Erica'a Gragg's Escape To Shape - Charlotte's Book
Travel + Spa

How To Find The Right Detox Destination For You


Editor’s Note: Not only is Erica Gragg an ACE-certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, she is a wellness and travel expert, otherwise known as ‘The Escape Artist’ Read more

Looking for a health and beauty vacation? The most luxury wellness destinations are here.

Top 7 Beauty + Detox Destinations Around The Globe

It’s been proven time and again: vacation is one of the best ways to refresh your mind, body and spirit. Want to further enhance the benefits of your next stretch of time off? Read more


This Is The Only Pillow You Should Use On A Plane (Or Ever) + 8 More Tips For Staying Pretty At 10,000 Feet

Jamie Sherrill, RN, celebrity skincare guru and Charlotte’s Book expert, is busy prepping Iggy Azalea for her wedding. In addition to Iggy, she works with a long list of celebrity clients, runs the Jamie Sherrill Beauty Park Medical Spas in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, and has young triplets. Read more

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