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The Holiday Party Survival Guide

The Ultimate Holiday (Health) Survival Guide

The holiday season can become an endless parade of parties, deadlines, and moments of frantically juggling work, shopping, entertaining, and family. Even though it’s the season for joy and celebration, it’s easy to feel below par thanks to overeating, drinking, lack of sleep, and viral infections. Read more

Anna Kaiser's Ojai Valley Workout Retreat
Travel + Spa

Fitness Retreat Alert: Doing It Anna Kaiser Style In Ojai

By now it might be pretty obvious: we’re obsessed with Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT (the Anna Kaiser technique), and we’re happy to report that she’s hosting the ultimate fitness retreat in beautiful Ojai, California this October 18-23. Read more

Coffee makes you live longer. Science says so.
Nutrition + Diet

Two New Studies Say Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer

Can I get a hallelujah?

If you drink coffee, this will be music to your ears: two new studies say that drinking coffee actually might lead to a longer life. Read more

herbal summer remedies
Vitamins + Supplements

Survive Summer With These 5 Herbal Remedies

Hit the gym? Check. Exfoliate all those newly-exposed limbs? Check. Sunscreen? Absolutely. Summer preparation and protection is in full swing, and along with all the usual suspects, there are tons of herbal remedies—for hay fever, sunburn, over-taxed livers, and more. Read more

How Does Acupuncture Actually Work?

Acupuncture: Why (And How) Does It Work?

Acupuncture is an ancient medical intervention dating back thousands of years, yet it’s still used widely today. The age-old discipline evolved through years of observation and creativity, as well as experimentation. Read more

Is tongue scraping the unsung hero of dental health?

The Unsung Hero Of Healthy Habits: Tongue Scraping

These days traditional Hindu ayurvedic practices carry a lot of clout among the legions of DIY natural beauty lovers. But, unless you’re penning or perusing beauty blogs all day, you may have missed the memo on the miraculous at-home ayurvedic remedy to banish morning breath: Read more

Fish Oil Supplement Pros/Cons
Vitamins + Supplements

Expert Opinion: Is Taking Fish Oil Actually Good For You?

At Charlotte’s Book, we’re serious about our supplements: you are what you eat, after all. We were surprised to see this recent New York Times video portraying a fish oil market where oxidation causes the quality of fish oil to deteriorate—apparently, New Zealand has a particular problem with sub-par product, with 83% of fish oils on the market below standard. Read more

Silver gloves by Arjuna

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Clothing

Did you know that silver, the same precious metal used to make jewelry, has numerous health benefits? We didn’t until we spoke with Mikaela Bradbury, founder of luxury fashion brand Arjuna, who explains why 18 percent of the fabric used in her clothing line is silver: Read more

The Best Wellness Subscription Services

3 Easy Wellness Subscriptions That Will Make Your Life Simpler

From pantyhose to pet food, there’s now a subscription service for everyone. Ironically, however, with over 2,000 companies implementing subscription delivery services in 2016—and likely more on the horizon in 2017—selecting the right one has become more stressful than simplifying. Read more

How My Dermatollogist Changed My Diet, Health, Skin and Mental Health

How My Dermatologist Transformed My Diet, My Mental Health, And My Wellbeing

It’s no secret in New York City: dietary needs are at peak consideration. If you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, or anything in between, there is a restaurant, food truck, or dedicated menu just for you. Read more

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