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What Is Flotation Therapy And What Is It Like?

Is Flotation Therapy The New Meditation?

Flotation Therapy isn’t exactly likeĀ Minority Report,Ā where Tom Cruise finds Samantha Morton floating in a temperature controlled pool, meditative to the point where she can see the future, but that’s the basic idea: Read more


Tired? Maybe It’s Time to Try REST

ā€œFeeling stressed? Have back pain? Struggling with insomnia?ā€ Mashableā€™s Kathleen Wong asksĀ in this recent feature. Do these questions make you want to yell a desperate, energy-drained yes? Read more

Plug in to unplug with these meditation apps.

Digital De-stress: 5 Soothing Meditation Apps

Connect to disconnect?Ā It might seem counterintuitive at first, but these five soothing meditation apps are designed to reduce stress and focus the mind. Managing stress can help reduce acne, slow down the aging process, and promote general well-being. Read more

Our friends from Aloha explain what is souping and why it can be healthier (and easier!) than juicing.
Nutrition + Diet

8 Benefits Of Souping That Make It Better Than Juicingā€”Even In Spring

Whenever the conversation is about how to eat better, youā€™ll always hear us talk about what to eat more of (veggies), not what to eat less of. Read more

We love these healthy snack recipes that use the best energy boosting food. They hep us power through the day and they taste delicious.
Nutrition + Diet

7 Instantly Energizing Healthy Snacks

Need a quick pick-me up? Here are my favorite healthy snacks for sustainable energy and battling the afternoon slump. These healthy picks are all plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. Read more


New Year’s Resolutions
Ć  la Charlotte

It’s theĀ time of year when we reflect on mishaps of the past and offer ourselves promises to be better, if only at one thing, in the year that lies ahead. Read more

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