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The best things we bought online in 2020

The best thing we bought online this year was…


December 29, 2020

After being cooped up in 2020, I think we all became a bit obsessed with online shopping. Whether it was clothes, home workout gear, a new favorite beauty mask, or some other discovery. I actually ordered about every home beauty device off Amazon to test them – more on that later.

I reached out to the people whose tips and tricks I really, really trust. You know, those people whose advice you take as gospel. I wanted to get their best buys of the year. Scoop these up before the holidays officially end:

“I finally found my perfect black t-shirt, which is a staple to my everyday uniform. The tee is from BASERANGE — it’s flattering, soft, and I officially own enough of them to actually wear it every single day. Also, the Hyperice Hypervolt, which is a percussion massager that does wonders to stiff muscles.” – Bobbi Brown of Jones Road and Evolution 18, beauty and wellness maven

“Rubber mat tiles for workouts in my bedroom. They create this carved out space for me to hit the home ‘gym’ every day.” —Emily Parr of Holifrog

“I have a few things that I purchased online these past six months that changed my life. Firstly, I purchased dry erase markers from Amazon and started mapping out my day and my week on my bathroom and bedroom mirrors. I love it. I also started buying these powdered bone broth sticks which have completely changed the way I eat. I have lost a good 5 pounds. And lastly, because I haven’t been able to keep a regular facial routine, I bought these crystals. They are as good as any microdermabrasion appointment I have ever had.” – Robin Levine Shobin, Halo, Charlotte’s Book, Sex and Good

“I don’t know if it’s all of the pandemic-induced nesting, but I’ve been shopping like a 1950’s work-from-home wife. Evidence: One of the best things that I bought online this year was one of those old-school silver electric coffee percolators (but this new one). I’ve tried making coffee by automatic drip, pour-over and in a French press, but it’s never hot enough for me. The percolator has been my morning salvation!” – Michele Promaulayko, wellness guru and Editor-at-Large for The Well.

“Sweatsuits! Love Lou & Grey and I also love this brand O2 Life that carries an amazing curated selection of cozy clothes. I got so obsessed that they gave me a special discount code for my followers. Use AMYROSOFFDAVIS for 20% off!” – Amy Rosoff Davis of Amy Rosoff Davis

Vivobarefoot shoes. I love these. I now have 3 pairs. They make men and women’s shoes all based on the same concept. I can’t believe I used to try and squash my feet into any other type of shoe. ” – Hugh Simson of Sex and Good

Photo credit: The image is from Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. A 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics.

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