What Is Charlotte’s Book?


We are a modern resource for cosmetic health and wellness. We help you find the best experts and get the best advice.  Refinery29 called us the “anti-yelp” for finding beauty and wellness professionals, while Departures Magazine said we help busy women find the best beauty services, seamlessly. Thanks! We think we are pretty awesome too!



The business of age prevention, aesthetics, skincare, nutrition, and health is evolving at lightning speed, which is exciting, but many women feel confused by all the choices and (often misleading) information that bombards them daily. Our mission is to help you be your best self. We want you to make informed decisions and find the most qualified experts. The professionals in our directory have have been verified by our team and adhere to our code. We feel confident recommending them to you. You would be shocked how many so-called “experts” are not properly certified! Don’t be fooled by fancy websites, media features, or impressive offices.






Who Is Charlotte?



We all know at least one flawless faced woman who makes it look effortless. She is the impossibly chic woman with glowing skin who you always want to ask how she gets her face to look so damn good? Who is her dermatologist? What’s her diet? How does she always look so timeless? Well, we call her Charlotte.






What’s So Special About Our CB Experts?


The quality of an aesthetic or wellness treatment is inextricably linked to the skill and experience of the professional you have chosen, and your satisfaction—or devastation—is in their hands. It’s important that you go to someone you can trust.


But in such a highly saturated and misleading marketplace, figuring out who to trust requires a lot of homework. And when friends don’t readily admit that a doctor is responsible for that lifted, lineless glow and media accepts advertisement dollars to push under qualified practitioners, where can you turn to find the best experts in their field? That’s what we are all about.

You will see the Charlotte’s Book emblem displayed in each of our approved providers’ place of business and on their website. 


If you believe your dermatologist, surgeon, aesthetician, nutritionist, or other aesthetic health and wellness expert should be listed, please contact us.







What Does The Advisory Board Do?


We recruited our Advisory Board given each member’s expertise in their field as well as their esteemed reputation in their respective professional community. They guide us through medical jargon, oversee our practitioner credentials, and introduce us to new skincare, wellness, and anti-aging innovations.