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The Charlotte's Book Covid Year Gifting Guide
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The “Everyone For Under $100” Gift Guide


November 23, 2020

As I sit down to write this gift guide, I can’t even believe it’s about to be the holidays. 2020 – WTF! In light of this crazy year, I think everyone needs a bit of gift giving. It makes you feel good to give to others. Being away from my family and friends for so long has made it even more important to reach out and gift in this truly crazy year. I thought 2019 was rough, then came 2020.

I thought the most appropriate and useful gift guide to put together for my readers would be something simple, fun, and easy on the wallet. I am going out of my way to send the people I love gifts this year. We all need a little emotional support right now – don’t we? And getting a small token in the mail from a friend goes a long way.

I have divided my 2020 “gift guide” into 3 areas: the men in your life (whether it be your husband, boyfriend, brother, or colleague), the women in your life (whether it be your mom, sister, girlfriend or daughter), and a few ideas for your kids. Everything is $100 or under and each section has my 3 top picks. Gift away…

For your man, your dad, your male colleagues, your teenage son…

The Man Journal.

Buy it here. $15

Honestly, I can’t think of a better and easy to give gift than this journal. Especially with everyone in the world going through mental jumping jacks right now.  This is a journal designed specifically for men and it looks cool AF and it’s super easy to use. Each page has a modern inspirational quote as well as an easy to use format. The pages are designed to remove the anxiety from starting into an empty moleskin journal page without knowing what to write. Each page has questions that prompt the writer to journal. This format relieves the “stress” of opening a journal and it actually makes you want to journal consistently.  I have already gifted this to several men and I know and they love it.

Momofuku Pork Buns and Red Velvet Cakes, or anything from GoldBelly.

Buy it here. $70 – $119

So travel has been a bit rough lately, and eating out, and a whole bunch of other stuff. What about having some of the country’s most famous food sent to your door? I am obsessed with sending food gifts from GoldBelly. It’s a fun gift that everyone loves. You can actually have David Chang’s world famous pork puns sent to your man by ordering here. Or one of the Cake Boss’s famous cakes sent to your dad. Or a platter of New York bagels from New York city’s most famous bagel maker, H&H sent to your colleague. This is the perfect gifting site for the guys in your life. Want to keep it healthy? They have food sections designed by Keto and Paleo and other regimens. (P.S. This is not a paid plug at all, I love GoldBelly for gifts.)

A Subscription to HALO Sport.

Buy it here. $39/mo

I couldn’t do a gift guide with a shameless plug for the immunity boosting healthy drink that I formulated, it’s part nature and part science. But seriously, going into a rough COVID winter means that giving a subscription to a super powered organic hydration drink is a pretty good idea. HALO is used by the likes of Ryan Reynold’s trainer, Don Saladino. Don is known as Hollywood’s “superhero” trainer and he drinks about two HALO’s a day. You can watch the science behind HALO here. And famed biohacker, Ben Greenfield, is a massive fan, watch his video. The 72 trace minerals in each bottle, but because each bottle actually makes you healthier and your man will probably become obsessed.

For your girlfriends, your mom, your sister, your teenage daughter….

Custom Converse.

Buy it here. $80

This is such a fun and personal gift. Hugh gave me a pair for my birthday and I am obsessed with them. You can customize every piece of the sneaker, from the color of the grommets to the tongue of the shoe. Plus, you can monogram. I recently purchased a matching pair for my friend and her daughter. I had her daughter’s name put on both pairs. It’s unique, fun and totally affordable.

The Vesper Crave.

Buy it here. $69

With a special quote from my pal Carole Radziwill. This is literally the perfect “COVID” vibrator for girls that are vibrator shy. Need I write anymore?

The Jones Road Start-Up kit.

Buy it here. $38 – $68

I already professed my love for Jones Road products and the miracle balm. A fun gift is this cool “starter” kit. Or honestly, just give someone the miracle balm. You can’t lose.

For your kids

Custom Converse. Again…

Buy it here. $80

Who doesn’t love cool kicks? No matter what the age. Plus, what kid doesn’t love cool stuff with their name on it?

Glow in the Dark Stars and Starry Night Projector.

Buy it here. $20

Everyone is stuck at home now right? Why not make your kid’s room the coolest room ever. Go old school with glow in the dark stars or get a starry night glowing projector.

A Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine.

Buy it here. $75

What kid doesn’t like ice cream? And when was the last time you took your kids to an ice cream shop? It was probably 2019 right? A soft serve ice cream maker would put a smile on everyone’s face.

Happy Holidays and Gift Away….

Photo credit: The image is from one of my favorite shows, Schitt’s Creek. I have been watching this one form the beginning, before it got notice from the critics. And it’s right up there with VEEP, Curb Your Enthusiasm and 30Rock as my all time favorites.

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