The Quick & Dirty on Split Ends

The Wexler Dermatology blog offers us a quick yet thorough Q&A to alleviate our befuddlement on the case of split ends. The question at the root of all this: what causes split ends, anyway? Quite simply, they are a “by-product of hair damage,” according to Dr. Wexler. And you can blame them on a weakened cuticle, which begins the initial break-down process of the hair shaft, and then the little split travels up like a zipper making matters worse. And what about all of these products that claim to fix split ends? Apparently there’s not much they can do beyond a temporary glossing.

“The only way to really eliminate split ends is to regularly trim them away, and use nourishing products to protect the cuticle from damage in the first place.”

With this advice, many of us are chopping them right off to start anew.

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