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The Senate has finally passed a bill creating new sunscreen laws that require a speedier approval of new UV-blocking ingredients.
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Time: Senate Passes Bill For Better Sunscreen Regulations


September 19, 2014

In this TIME article posted back in May, there was speculation that a bipartisan bill named the Sunscreen Innovation Act was soon to pass. The bill is designed to push the FDA to evaluate ingredients that are said to improve sunscreen. According to the article, “the last over-the-counter sunscreen ingredient was approved in the 1990s and eight ingredients have been waiting for approval for over 10 years.” Furthermore, “most of these ingredients have been widely used in countries like Europe and Asia and are generally considered safe and effective, and in many cases protect against UVA rays better than some American products. European makers have around 27 sun-protective ingredients to choose from, compared to 16 in the U.S.”

In a more recent TIME article, we learn that the bill has finally come to pass, demanding a speedier approval of sunscreen regulations and new ingredients. And being that skin cancer is currently the most common form of cancer in the US, with over two million Americans diagnosed every year, we at Charlotte’s Book could not be more pleased with the news.

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The holdup was, in part, due to the way the approval process is more complicated than that of cosmetics, the way it is done in Europe or Asia, and rather, must follow a “drug approval-like process.”  Now, regardless of the process, the FDA is required to respond to all potential sunscreen ingredients within a year and a half at maximum.

The anticipated outcome is that better, more appealing sunscreen ingredients will quickly move through the approval process and into the market, making our daily application of the stuff more enjoyable and effective.

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