A Celebrity Trainer's Top 10 Picks At Trader Joe's
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A Model Trainer’s Top 10 Picks At Trader Joe’s


March 20, 2018

Healthy nutrition plans start at the grocery store. You can’t eat what you don’t buy. Willpower is finite, so set yourself up for success by keeping junk food out of the house. When your fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy, delicious options, you’re much more likely to stick to your health plan.

I personally eat a pretty typical fitness diet. In my basket you’ll always find lots of vegetables, brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, raw nuts, chicken and turkey breast, haddock, egg whites, and shrimp. I usually do my shopping at Trader Joe’s, and so do many of my clients. Here are my top ten items to pick up when I’m at Trader Joe’s:

1. Lean Ground Beef (96/4)

I personally love red meat—especially a good burger. When I eat burgers I always use this beef and make them at home on the grill. Trader Joe’s also carries whole wheat burger buns, but you could substitute with lettuce cups or something else that fits your plan.

2. Sliced Roast Turkey Breast 

This is very popular with my clients during busy work periods. It’s fully cooked turkey breast found in the fridge aisle and has only seasoning added. It’s great to throw on a salad, for those times you don’t have your food prepped.

3. Fire Roasted Bell Pepper and Onions 

Found in the freezer section, this is my favorite Trader Joe’s product. I use it for many different dishes including turkey chili, pasta sauce, and of course fajitas. If you haven’t tried this yet, you need to.

4. Riced Cauliflower

This is a very convenient product if you’re pressed for time. Just open the bag and cook in the oven or on the stove! There’s nothing added; it’s just riced cauliflower without the work of ricing it yourself.

5. Spiced Chai

Spiced chai is a great alternative to a high calorie or sugary cider or hot cocoa.

6. Chunky Salsa 

Salsa is not just for chips. It’s perfect over steamed vegetables, in wraps and sandwiches, and on lean proteins. But keep in mind that while this salsa is healthy, not all salsas are. Make sure to check the ingredient labels to see what you’re buying and eating.

7. Frozen Fancy Berry Medley 

I love this berry mix—raspberry, blackberry, blueberry. I always have a bag in the freezer for my protein berry crumble.

8. Balsamic Glaze

This is delicious on everything! It makes a healthier dessert option if you pour it over berries.

9. Crunchy Peanut Butter

This contains just peanuts but comes in salted and unsalted. I buy both. I’ll usually use the salted when I’m baking.

10. Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

My girls love this! It’s actually a very versatile seasoning. Try it on grilled chicken or homemade fries.



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