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New York Times: Ultrasound is a New Weapon for the War on Wrinkles


September 12, 2014

We’ve got it in The Arsenal for a reason! And now we aren’t the only ones singing praise of ultrasound for anti-aging, specifically treatments such as Ultherapy and Liposonix.  We are reading this New York Times article that does a fantastic job at highlighting the facts around this marvelous technology.

Neither painless nor inexpensive, ultrasound treatments are still becoming the most favored noninvasive way to smooth out wrinkles and eliminate unwanted fat pockets. As the women featured in this article attest: “It has effective, fast results, and it’s natural enough so you don’t look like ‘Brazil’ the movie,” and, “the treatment tackled bloat and even improved the appearance of cellulite.”

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The newest body-contouring procedure uses ultrasound to eliminate fat.

The appeal is further explored in the article by Dr. Francesca Fusco: “There’s no needle marks, no peeling and no bruising.” She also points out that women associate ultrasound safety with pregnancy, “It’s something they have heard of before, and if you can do it on pregnant women, they feel it’s safe.”

Think you’re ready to try ultrasound therapy for yourself?  There is much more to learn about Ultherapy and Liposonix in The Arsenal.

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Photo Credit: Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times

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