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There's an alarming trend of dentists and other medical doctors not trained in cosmetic dermatology giving patients Botox, sclerotherapy injections and more.
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Dentists Doing Cosmetic Dermatology? No Thanks.


January 2, 2016

One of the very reasons behind the conception of Charlotte’s Book is nicely pointed out in this rather alarming article from NBC News. Point blank: seeking out who to go to for a cosmetic treatment has become a very dangerous task.

As the article agrees, there’s an alarming increase in unqualified doctors performing cosmetic surgery, hiding behind titles like “aesthetic specialist” in places called “medi-spas.” And by being misled, you could end up with a botched procedure and a train of terrible repercussions, like the woman featured in the article. She was fooled into trusting a “doctor” who went ahead and treated the veins on her face with Sclerotherapy injections. Anyone who’s taken a deep dive into The Arsenal knows that Sclerotherapy is more appropriate for larger leg veins and is quite painful. That’s why this patient, or “client,” ended up with bruising, swelling, infection, and a lifetime worth of emotional scarring.

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The main hazard here is that it takes an awful lot of education, training, and experience to administer injections, lasers, and the sort. Maybe these folks are indeed doctors, once passionate about their chosen field, like dentistry or gynecology, but they don’t know cosmetic dermatology, a very specific, albeit lucrative, medical practice. When Dr. Sclerotherapy-in-the-face was asked about his dermatological training, he said it, “consisted of six workshops or conferences that lasted between two and four days apiece and two one-day laser courses.” Um…just, woe.

Like too many others, this innocent woman was tricked into believing the man wielding the syringe before her was qualified, but he doesn’t live up to Charlotte’s Code, the stringent standards by which cosmetic doctors and other skincare and wellness experts are chosen to be featured in The Book. He isn’t even board-certified, and this is now a huge regret of hers.

“Don’t make my mistake,” she says. “Don’t do what I did. Be smart. Do your homework…” Luckily, now you have Charlotte’s Book to do it for you.

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