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ThirdLove Skin-Tone Inspired Bras

Sexy Skin-Tone Matching Bras For Everyone: Meet ThirdLove


February 21, 2017

ThirdLove is a San Francisco-based underwear company that believes fit is the most important component when it comes to bras. For this reason, the company lets bra-buyers try before they buy—making them the first e-commerce company to let customers wear the product for a full thirty days before committing. They even come in half sizes, because they understand there isn’t such a thing as a standard B-Cup. It’s part of the “fit comes first” attitude, and it’s seriously successful: 80 percent of women actually buy after trying (their online bra sizing guide is also really helpful). Radical, right?

Now this radical underwear brand is capitalizing on another aspect of bra-buying many women find frustrating: the colors. Specifically, the definition of “nude.”

Head of Design Ra’el Cohen explains: “We’ve had many women reach out to us expressing frustration from walking through a department store and only seeing one shade of nude.” It’s hard to think of even one woman who’s the bandaid-shade of nude most “skin-colored” bras feature—not to mention all the women of color who see that tan shade and can’t even begin to compare it to their idea of “nude.”

So, ThirdLove changed all that. Well—they can’t get rid of all the band-aid bras, but they can, (and d0!) offer a range of tones that represent a more realistic cross-section of women’s skin. The “new nakeds” range from Naked 1 to Naked 5 on a sliding scale of dark to light, so you can find your perfect nude.

Plus, we’re so happy ThirdLove is a #girlboss business: co-founder Heidi Zak left Google to pursue this dream, and Head Designer Ra-el Cohen has been designing lingerie for over fifteen years. It just feels a little better knowing that when you’re buying your perfect naked, you’re also supporting an incredible babe-run business.

We just got our first ThirdLove sample bra and we can’t wait to give a full report.

Image via ThirdLove


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