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Drew Barrymore doesn't want fillers...yet... our take on her NYT interview

Drew Barrymore Loves AKT, Doesn’t Want Fillers Yet


February 27, 2017

In a personal conversation with Bee Shapiro of The New York Times, Drew Barrymore dished the dirt on her skincare routine and spoke about her reluctance to use fillers, at least right now. Oh—was that a “not yet,” Drew? We’re thrilled to hear it.

In a world where so many celebrities are shaming Botox (we’re talking to you, Christy Turlington, in this Town & Country interview, and in this recent Harper’s Bazaar Spain interview), we were happy to see Drew’s really open response. “Talk to me in 10 years,” she told the Times. While right now Drew says “I’m not going to do anything beyond lasers,” we appreciated the fact that she didn’t shame Botox—you know how we feel about Botox, and Botox shamers.

Drew’s skincare routine consists of Cetaphil (a cleanser we don’t condone: here’s why) and a toner, “no matter what.” She uses Clinique acne clearing gel for breakouts, and likes to accompany her moisturizer with a Christine Chin brightening serum. “I’m obsessed with her line. It’s the only thing I splurge on. I don’t have time to go for facials, so I haven’t seen her in years, but every couple of months, I’m buying the goods,” explains Drew. She also loves Kate Somerville under-eye cream for dark circles.

Drew also notes that Korean masks have been life-changing. “The one I love the most is JAYJUN Baby Pure Shining Mask. And for suncare, she is dedicated to the new La Roche-Posay—it’s called Clear Skin Dry Touch—and an SPF with powder by Colorescience. “Sometimes I do the Dry Touch with the powder on top.”

And for fitness, Drew is a big fan of AKT. Guess what: so are we!


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