Review — A Self-Tanner Mask, Pen & Spray That Actually Work

I’m a self-professed self-tanner junkie: there’s rarely a day of the year when I’m not wearing some form of self-tanner. While I feel like I’ve tried almost every tanner under the sun (pun intended), I am always excited to test out a new one, so I eagerly welcomed the opportunity to review 3 products from the James Read tanning line.

Expectations: Two things I look for when trying self-tanners are how quickly results are seen and how even and streak-free the tan looks after application.

First Impression: The James Read tanning collection caught my eye initially because I love the sleek packaging! The products have little smell (which is a plus when it comes to tanning products) and come with easy-to-understand directions for application. Here are the specifics on each of the 3 products I tried:

1. If You Want a Natural-Looking Glow, Stat: James Read Tan Instant Bronzing Mist, $52

This mist is lightweight and easy to apply. Because it’s a mist, I recommend applying in the shower on clean, dry and freshly exfoliated skin. I was impressed by how even and streak-free the mist covered my skin without even having to rub it in! The mist gives a subtle glow immediately, and then a natural-looking tan develops over the next 3 to 5 hours. One coat gives a very subtle tan, so several applications are needed to achieve a deep tan, making this tanner perfect for lighter skin tones or anyone wanting a very natural glow. The finish isn’t sticky, and I was able to dress immediately after application without residue getting on my clothes, which is a huge bonus!


A review of James Read Self Tan Products


2. A Tanning Mask That Works As You Sleep: James Read Tan Sleep Mask Tan, $52

Before trying this product, I had never seen or tried an overnight tanning mask. This is a genius concept! Since I have combination skin that’s prone to breakouts, I am always nervous about trying a new face product. This one passed the test with flying colors! I couldn’t believe how lightweight and non-greasy this face mask is: I applied it to a clean, dry and freshly exfoliated face before bed and woke up to a noticeably tanner face the next morning. One application is all I needed for results that lasted 3 to 4 days. I love the glow that mask gave my face, especially for summer. It helps me feel more comfortable going without makeup or wearing less makeup.




3. For an Even, Mess-Free Application: James Read Tan BB Tan Pen, $30

The BB Tan Pen is another innovative tanning product that’s unlike anything I have ever tried. The clever brush makes application a breeze. I liked that the brush enabled me to easily apply the tanner evenly to all the parts of my face and to highlight/contour certain areas. The applicator also keeps your hands free of tanner, which is amazing! This is a perfect product to apply in the morning to a fresh face. I applied makeup after the lotion dried with great results! The tanning effect is subtle and gives a nice, even, natural glow.


A review of James Read Self Tan Products


Overall, I am very impressed with the James Read tanning collection. Each product is foolproof to apply and gives natural and even results without stickiness or a strong odor! This self-tanning gal can’t wait to try more of the line, and I’d recommend it to all my friends!

Images via James Read instagram


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    This line looks incredible! I was especially psyched to see the tanning mask didn’t cause any breakouts as that’s definitely been an issue for me with face products. Also excited about the pen, it seems like a more permanent bronzer you can put on in the morning? So cool.

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