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Everything you ever needed to know about at-home microneedling
Expert Q/A

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About At-Home Microneedling


August 2, 2017

Before she was a CEO and a mom, Jamie O’Banion was a successful model—now she’s all three. Her company, Beauty Bioscience, which she runs with her physician father, Dr. Terry James, has been a huge success on Home Shopping Network: Beauty Bioscience makes specially-formulated retinol treatments, a great SPF, and (most notably), the GloPRO, a $199 hand-held home microneedling device that’s become “Beauty’s New Cult Device,” according to WWD.

The New York Times recently discussed microneedling and the GloPRO in-depth, saying it’s “the next best way to get rid of wrinkles without lasers or chemicals.” We last talked to Jamie O’Banion to get the download on her daily beauty routine, but we’ve returned to dig deeper into the benefits of at-home microneedling—for answers to all the basics, read on.

What are the benefits of home micro needling?

At-home microneedling provides the anti-aging benefits received from in-office microneedling if performed regularly. Microneedling has become such a popular anti-aging treatment because it’s the only treatment that unlocks the skin by penetrating your skin to open and trigger your skin’s natural healing and collagen response. While treatments like microdermabrasion and dermaplaning are beneficial, the skin still remains closed and impermeable. Microneedling taps into your skin’s rejuvenation response and creates micro channels for active ingredients to absorb.

How often do I need to do it?

Just like fitness and exercise, if you do it regularly, it can be more beneficial than irregular intense workouts. I have even seen some research that shows that microneedling at least 3x per week at home provides superior outcomes to deeper in-office microneedling performed a few times a year. Each area of treatment is recommended for a minute (face is one area, one thigh would be a second area) to properly stimulate the skin. So it only takes a few minutes a few times a week. It’s an easy addition to your regular routine.

How long are the needles?

I can only speak to my device, the GloPRO. It uses .3 mm needles for the face and .5 mm for the body. These same needle lengths are offered in-office in addition to deeper needling lengths up to 2.5 mm.

How much does it cost?

Cost and convenience are reasons why women are using at-home microneedling. A facial microneedling treatment with an experienced practitioner can cost anywhere from $300-$600 a treatment and a large body part (thighs or abs) range from $700-$1,200 per treatment. Usually a series of treatments are suggested. It’s become an in-demand in-office treatment because it works. A home device can help with convenience and cost, then you can microneedle whenever and wherever.  My device, the GloPRO, costs $199, and I recommended a head replacement every 3-4 months.

Does it hurt?

In short, no. Most women describe the treatment as an invigorating tingle you can “feel” working. We actually have a patent that delineates the density of needles, shape, material and angle, which allow the tool to be essentially painless.

Can someone “over needle”?

It’s recommended for use no longer than 5 minutes per area (with a minimum one minute of use) as there is no additional benefit provided with extended use. Your skin will start to feel a bit flushed when the treatment is complete.  You want to apply your skincare topicals immediately after you microneedle as the skin starts the healing and stimulation process within minutes of treatment completion. By applying actives while these skin micro channels are still open, key ingredients are absorbed 200x more effectively.

What else do I need to know?

There is no need to apply additional pressure when your microneedling with the GloPRO. The weight of the tool is designed to provide the proper stimulation needed. Because the skin forms a cushion, there need not be concern about needles penetrating deeper in the skin than intended.

Editor’s Hot Tip: The GloPRO is usually $199. Right now you can buy the GloPRO with body attachments for $164 online at Nordstrom (regularly $244).

Illustration by Rebekah Flores


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